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Venezuela sets date for delayed regional elections

Anti-government demonstrators have been calling for early presidential elections in light of the nation's triple-digit inflation, rising crime and vast food shortages.

Published on 24th May 2017

Venezuela toll rises to 48 dead after protester is killed

In some cities, the protests degenerated into violent clashes between demonstrators and police and government troops.

Published on 21st May 2017

Venezuelans shut down capital roads to protest against government 

Soldiers shut down access to the center of the city and officials closed at least 10 metro stations in anticipation of Saturday's protest.

Published on 21st May 2017

Venezuelan President to Trump: Get your pig hands out of here

A fired-up Maduro accused Trump of promoting an interventionist policy that infringes on his socialist government's sovereignty.

Published on 20th May 2017

Trump asks Colombia's help to end Venezuela political crisis

The meeting came as the Trump administration rolled out new sanctions Thursday on members of Venezuela's supreme court for alleged human rights violations.

Published on 19th May 2017

US seeks joint effort to ensure Venezuela head ends violence

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley said ahead of the closed-door meeting that "peaceful protesters have been injured, arrested and even killed by their own government".

Published on 18th May 2017

Venezuela deploys troops to stem deadly unrest

The unrest has left 43 people dead since April 1, prosecutors say. Two of those people died in Tachira on Monday.

Published on 18th May 2017

2 dead as Venezuela protests turn violent outside capital

Thousands hauled folding chairs, beach umbrellas and protest signs onto main roads for a 12-hour sit-in against the dictatorship.

Published on 16th May 2017

Venezuelans again shut down capital to protest against government

Thousands of protesters hauled folding chairs, beach umbrellas and coolers onto main roads across Venezuela Monday for a national sit-in.

Published on 16th May 2017

Venezuelans clog roads even on horseback in new anti-government protest

In the capital Caracas, protesters' goal was to fill 25 kilometers (16 miles) of a key highway leading to the coastal state of Vargas.

Published on 14th May 2017

Protesting pensioners scuffle with police in Venezuela

Elected in 2013, Maduro is resisting pressure for an early vote, calling the crisis a US-backed conspiracy.

Published on 13th May 2017

Attorney: At least 65 Venezuelan military members detained

The detentions come after more than a month of political unrest in which hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets demanding elections.

Published on 12th May 2017

 Man dies in fresh Venezuela protests: Prosecutors

A 27-year-old man died in anti-government protests in the Venezuelan capital Caracas Wednesday, bringing to 38 the death toll from 40 days of political unrest.

Published on 11th May 2017

Venezuela protesters bring 'poo bombs' to hurl at cops

Clashes between protesters and riot cops have left 36 people dead and hundreds injured since unrest erupted on April 1, according to authorities.

Published on 11th May 2017

Venezuela prosecutors oppose military trial for unrest

Human rights groups say scores of people have been brought before military courts after being detained in recent weeks of clashes between police and protesters.

Published on 11th May 2017

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