Chandrajit Banerjee

Recognising opportunities for women-led development

It is imperative that a roadmap is designed to help women achieve their full potential by capitalising on the opportunities that present themselves at all levels.

25 Mar 2023

Millets making a comeback on global stage

Paradigm solutions will prioritise the export of millets, with a focus on traceability and promoting the ‘fork to farm’ rather than ‘farm to fork’ approach.

03 Mar 2023

Investment and consumption need special attention

The economy is resilient amid a bleak global growth outlook, but faces risks from geopolitical spillovers.

28 Jan 2023

Adaptation plan to tackle India’s climate risks

Climate-related risks are on the rise, so companies need to upgrade operations, infrastructure and supply chains.

22 Dec 2022

Logistics policy, a game-changer

The policy will spur the economy’s competitiveness through improved connectivity and smooth movement of goods in domestic and international markets.

19 Oct 2022

Transformation in Ease of Doing Business environment

At the heart of EoDB reforms in India has been an extensive focus on rationalisation and digitalisation of regulatory compliances, encompassing the entire business cycle from start to exit.

07 Sep 2022

Five years of GST and the way forward

GST is seen as a shining example of cooperative federalism aimed at taking the country towards a one-nation, one-tax and one-market regime.

13 Jul 2022

How India held its own amid global chaos

At a time when the global economy is stressed, India has been able to hold its own and don the mantle of being the fastest growing major economy in the world.

09 Jun 2022

India-UK ties and a sustainable global future

The FTA is the most exciting feature of the rapidly developing economic partnership. Reduction in tariffs will facilitate increased competitiveness in industries like auto and pharma.

09 May 2022

Why we need to decriminalise economic laws

Criminal provisions in economic and business laws raise concerns amongst directors, young entrepreneurs as well as domestic & foreign investors, reducing ease of doing business.

08 Apr 2022

Women as change agents in corporate India

Technology must be leveraged to educate and employ the maximum number of women. Businesses can play a critical role in giving them equal opportunities.

11 Mar 2022

Union Budget: Big spends on Infrastructure & Healthcare, bold reforms to catalyse growth

The government must focus on implementing the disinvestment and privatisation programme to generate revenues.

02 Feb 2021