Boys will be boys

Though molesters operate purely on a ‘first come first abused’ basis, women plunge into self-doubt, thinking themselves provocateurs, even if they were two years old when the incident occurred.

08 Feb 2020

Untangling the roots

In the 70s Neel Kamal stood tall, newly built, recently white-washed, the greenery around it sun-dappled and dewed, home to a family of four.

25 Jan 2020

Owning space

Minimalism and simplicity, sparse living with kitchen gardens and organic produce are all a part of the human need to survive on as little as possible, as natural as possible.

18 Jan 2020

Good for Goodness Sake

A lot of recent violence, including policemen entering a library not to read but to be policemen, carries religion in its tightly closed fist.

21 Dec 2019

How rots art

Content is king, goes the latest whisper. But is trash really out? Can access to quality be so easy when its very creation is unpredictable, iffy? Content is a product of its time.

01 Dec 2019

Love under zoom lens

MacKenzie Bezos must consider herself well-rid of an unloving spouse and that is victory enough for any human being but public hysteria focuses on her new millions, all that she bagged post-divorce.

10 Nov 2019

Kerala’s Jolly killer

A male killer is a straightforward case, a daylight event, while a female killer is a shut box, a shadow at midnight.

22 Oct 2019

The future is unisex

Inheritance laws are being rewritten to include egalitarian nuances and divorces leave behind a divorcé as much as a divorcée.

29 Sep 2019

Put down that pen

Artistic CSR (corporate social responsibility) is rarely spoken of as any art out there is for both the artist and the consumer anyway.

07 Sep 2019

Equality begins at home

Fairy tale marriages are just that—a fairy tale. Most married people openly acknowledge the hard work put into a marriage.

11 May 2019

Gossip is the showstopper in the catwalk of life

Gossip is power. This is the real money in the bank. It is low-cal and non-fattening. And nothing is too sacred.

16 Jun 2018