A Surya Prakash

Challenges to conceive uniform population policy

The Modi government will have to take cognisance of the demographic changes and evolve a population control policy that has universal application but is non-coercive.

03 Dec 2022

A dangerous and vicious campaign to vilify India

India is civilisationally secular and democratic. Democracy and plurality go hand in hand in the country and provide the Indian society the vibrancy that one sees within it.

17 Oct 2022

Poles apart: UK’s monarchy and India’s democracy

A republic is far closer to democratic traditions than a monarchy, where a queen or king from one dynasty is more privileged than the rest of the citizens.

29 Sep 2022

Azad’s exit a big loss for Congress 

The departure of Azad will have lasting repercussions, which bodes ill for the Congress party and for democracy itself because it weakens the idea of a credible opposition.

16 Sep 2022

Coming to terms with the 'NEW' Hindu

The Hindu has realised that if his religious assertion does not match that of the Abrahamic religions, Hinduism will die. In other words, to survive, the Hindu has mutated.

15 Jul 2022

Qatar must make amends and work towards harmony

Countries demanding high standards from others should apply the same on themselves as well. Indians have a right to demand an end to double standards.

14 Jun 2022

PM Museum: From exclusivity to inclusivity

The Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya building is certain to be one of Delhi’s most iconic structures with a grand architectural plan that is aesthetically executed.

18 May 2022

Time for a fresh start with Uniform Civil Code

A look at the Constituent Assembly debates will show that while so much has happened since India gained freedom, the Muslim viewpoint on UCC remains unchanged.

22 Apr 2022

With Kashmir film, the pseudo-secular dam has now burst

The apologists for jihadis are raising various objections to the release of the movie. Each of these contentions need to be addressed  in order to put the record straight.

23 Mar 2022

Recalling Ambedkar’s Advice

Babasaheb said violent protests imperil democracy. People agitating over the apex court verdict on SC/ST Act must keep this in mind

24 Apr 2018

Nip Secession demands in the bud 

Three generations of Indians have toiled over 70 years to bind this nation together. And now some reckless voices are calling for secession

10 Apr 2018

Stopping the evil of defections

The vice president suspended two JD(U) MPs from Rajya Sabha citing anti-defection law. Here are some lessons from the ruling

22 Dec 2017

Padmavati row: the real culprits

The irrational response to the movie is due to the deep distrust among Hindus over the history of India written by Nehruvian and Marxist historians

21 Nov 2017

The iron man must get his due

There has been a sustained effort to keep us in the dark on Sardar Patel’s achievements, the biggest of which was the unification of India

07 Nov 2017

Cleansing electoral politics

The outcome of two cases in the Supreme Court will determine how far we advance in ensuring the accountability of elected representatives

24 Oct 2017