Bhuvanesh Chandar

'Meel Patthar' movie review: Deeply moving rumination on life

Another Coen Brothers’ film, Inside Llewyn Davis, comes to mind too, when acknowledging the miserable existence of Ghalib.

08 May 2021

'Things Heard & Seen' movie review: Interesting, but not impressive

The latest Netflix horror film has a clever concept, yet fails to scare - but maybe it isn't meant to.

01 May 2021

'Stowaway' movie review: An intriguing space thriller 

The film begins like a slow burner, but as the revelations unfold, the pace really picks up and the most admirable aspect of Stowaway is how it avoids any distractions from its central idea.

30 Apr 2021

Life in Colour: Marvelous celebration of colours from nature

As the name suggests, it shows the dynamic colours of the natural world and delves into how they are used.

27 Apr 2021

'Them' review: Shocking, relentlessly horrific, but brilliant

Them takes what Jordan Peele’s Us and Get Out did and elevates their central themes by multiple levels

17 Apr 2021

'Had good director willing to patiently guide me': Rajisha Vijayan speaks of Mari Selvaraj’s Karnan

Rajisha Vijayan, who plays Draupadi in Mari Selvaraj’s Karnan, speaks of the film, challenges, and how she prepared to be part of it.

12 Apr 2021

Atharvaa’s next to feature a singleshot action sequence

We had earlier reported that Atharvaa is joining hands with his 100 director Sam Anton for an action film.

01 Apr 2021

'Mosagallu' movie review: An impressive idea that fails to be more

Though the film has an impressive central plotline, it keeps softening its blows and leaves us with an unfulfilling last impression.

20 Mar 2021

'Kagittan Hayatlar' movie review: Heartbreak alley

As heartbreaking as the climax is, Ulusoy forces the viewer to look at the story in a new light, one could even prod you to watch this film again, especially.

19 Mar 2021

Vels Signature: A new platform for young talents

Shiyam Jack of Conzept Note is heading the marketing and business strategy of Vels Signature.

10 Mar 2021

Yashika Aannand turns cop for 'Sulphur'

Bhuvan says he needed actors who could pull off serious, action-oriented roles.

09 Mar 2021

With love, from Nigeria: 'Namaste Wahala' filmmaker Hamisha Daryani Ahuja on her journey

Hamisha Daryani Ahuja has donned many hats over the years–that of an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, an author…

24 Feb 2021

'Live Telecast' review: This Kajal Aggarwal-starrer is a horror series without any redeeming elements

Venkat Prabhu covers many topics including TRP wars, journalistic insensitivity, the lack of social responsibility, and more.

15 Feb 2021

R Gopi: 'Naanum Single Thaan' is a lesson in feminism

If you are someone who feels there’s a dearth of romcoms in Tamil cinema, Gopi promises an entertaining romance in Naanum Single Thaan.

10 Feb 2021

'All My Friends Are Dead' movie review: A fun, if bumpy, ride

This Netflix Polish movie has its share of flaws and mind-blowing moments, and makes for a decent teen thriller.

10 Feb 2021