Chandrajit Banerjee

Budget 2022: Infrastructure Investment for future growth

There should be a focus on infrastructure development, both physical and social, as this would have a multiplier effect on the economy.

19 Jan 2022

The way towards net-zero emissions

Achieving net zero involves technology pathways as well as financial flows of investments towards the construction of the associated physical infrastructure.

30 Nov 2021

Unleashing the Indo-ASEAN growth potential

In the current geopolitical landscape, India and ASEAN have the opportunity to position themselves as front-runners in terms of relocation of value and production chains

05 Nov 2021

A robust digital transformation mission roadmap

India currently has 34 rural internet subscribers per 100 population. To further strengthen the digital infra, a sustained and comprehensive approach is needed

15 Oct 2021

With economy reviving, step up capital spending

While the macroeconomic numbers continue to recover, it is the right time to provide a big push to measures that would generate demand and sustain the growth momentum 

15 Sep 2021

A makeover for the India-Africa economic partnership

The Indian government and industry recognise Africa’s pursuance of 'Africa-owned' and 'Africa-led' development.

17 Aug 2021

Triggering an economic recovery after second wave

What are the policy options before the government to resuscitate the economy from the second shock and speed up growth?

02 Jun 2021

Union Budget: Big spends on Infrastructure & Healthcare, bold reforms to catalyse growth

The government must focus on implementing the disinvestment and privatisation programme to generate revenues.

02 Feb 2021