Chetana Belagere

Game changer or dampner? Experts raise questions over Russian claims on COVID-19 vaccine

Experts claim that the problem is that Russia, in its eagerness to capture the world with a project dubbed Sputnik V, has bypassed key parts of the standard drug and vaccine-development protocol.

14 Aug 2020

Bengaluru violence: Police probe violence plot, hand behind Facebook post

Investigation points to SDPI role, cops suspect youths recruited for rioting

14 Aug 2020

Biomarkers help: US study, Karnataka is already using them

Blood tests of Covid patients can help detect more critical cases earlier on to prevent their condition from worsening.

12 Aug 2020

As Covid fatalities hit 3,000-mark, more committees formed to ‘study’ deaths

With the number of deaths touching the 3,000-mark in the state, the government is still struggling to study reasons behind Covid mortalities and continues to form more committees.

09 Aug 2020

Group behaviour can help flatten curve: Senior epidemiologist

Experts say people should maintain social distancing, wear masks

09 Aug 2020

Double whammy: Experts warn of monsoon diseases amid pandemic

With torrential downpour and landslides being reported amid the pandemic across many districts in Karnataka, epidemiologists and public health experts fear rise in Covid-19 cases.

08 Aug 2020

Amid Covid, rare disease in kids raises concern

Watch out for Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome symptoms: Docs 

06 Aug 2020

Recovery data may not give real pic: K Sudhakar

Experts say discharge, home quarantine policy boosting recoveries 

04 Aug 2020

Sero survey waits for B Sriramulu’s nod

Such a study helps assess transmission, chances of herd immunity: Epidemiologists

30 Jul 2020

Phase IV trials of Itolizumab to begin soon in Bengaluru

Many patients with initial oxygen saturation levels of less than 80 per cent, who normally would need ventilator support with little chance of survival, recovered when treated with Itolizumab.

26 Jul 2020

Bengaluru: Death toll not real-time, backlog still under count

Officer says this is result of BBMP inefficiency, and is creating fear in state

24 Jul 2020

Just 2 nurses for 112 patients at KC General Hospital

“We have just 2 nurses for 112 patients while the government rules say there should be one nurse for every 10 patients.

19 Jul 2020

Drones launch aerial strike on virus

Drones hovered over the pandemic-stricken streets of Jayanagar 3rd Block in Bengaluru on Thursday morning, spraying anti-microbial organic disinfectant over empty stretches.

17 Jul 2020

Death on a COVID-19 bed: Karnataka doctors struggle to cope mentally

Healthcare system will collapse soon, stay safe, stay indoors, they advise; Lockdown not used to upgrade facilities, they say.

14 Jul 2020

Public, experts flay BBMP as cases rise

A member of the Covid task force who spoke to TNIE on condition of anonymity, said, “The BBMP has to pull up its socks.

10 Jul 2020