Chetana Belagere

Beware! Viral infections on the rise in Bengaluru

Doctors blame it on weather changing rapidly, living conditions; kids bearing brunt of cold-related infections

17 Jun 2022

TAC seeks study on Covid transmission from pets

TAC experts requested the state health department to send out a reminder to seek the status of the project report on the demand for animal surveillance.

15 Jun 2022

New electrical test for families at risk of sudden cardiac deaths

Such cardiac arrests happen when electrical activity in the heart stops, and the organ can’t pump blood around the body, causing death within 10 minutes.

13 Jun 2022

Centre advises Karnataka to increase testing, contain Covid spread

The Union Health Ministry has sent out letters to five states, including Karnataka, asking them to follow a five-fold strategy and amp up testing.

10 Jun 2022

More trials needed, say doctors on cancer cure

Say ‘miracle cure’ for rectal cancer a big step, now focus should be on immunology to combat disease

09 Jun 2022

Asymptomatic Covid patients less likely to spread infection

Virologists in India say it may not be correct to completely dismiss the possibility of spread by asymptomatic patients.

02 Jun 2022

Bengaluru hospital overcharges patient, kin say cops locked up son for not clearing bill

On May 25, a BPAP machine which is charged at Rs 2,500 for 24 hours, has been billed Rs 10,000, the doctor said.

01 Jun 2022

Scientists find reason why coffee smells like garbage for COVID survivors

The highly potent odour molecule that triggers the condition is called '2-furanmethanol', which is found in coffee.

30 May 2022

No bars in education at Bengaluru Central Prison

Inmates prepare themselves for a better life with education

29 May 2022

Check for mold: Schools, daycare centres told ahead of reopening

‘Reopening of facilities may cause fungal growth, breathing issues’ 

27 May 2022

WhatsApp chatbot will help people with fungal infection

To improve adherence to treatment, give pill reminders, awareness

25 May 2022

Monkeypox: Karnataka ups surveillance at airports

Those with symptoms to be isolated; Virus can spread from contact with bodily fluids such as saliva from coughing

22 May 2022

Dengue returns to haunt Karnataka

Dengue  has once again reared its head in the state. The Department of Health and Family Welfare said that the state has reported 1,355 dengue cases since January this year.

15 May 2022

Tomato flu, Nipah keep Karnataka health dept on alert

Nipah is a zoonotic disease and the virus can be transmitted to humans from animals, mainly bats or pigs.

12 May 2022

With no vocational training, Bangalore Central Prison's women inamates stare at bleak future

Since early 2020, all vocational programmes were stopped because of the pandemic, leaving many women with no money to avail legal help or pay those taking care of their family.

10 May 2022