Kakoli Mukherjee

Now, paint the town red with Okra!

The best ways to consume this variety are to either put them in your curries or add them to your salads.

11 May 2021

Painting the town red

The selling price is Rs 100 per kilo. It did not become popular because it was expensive.

11 May 2021

Memories of Ramzan

Be it food, piety, opportunities to perform charity or general joie de vivre, Old City had something to offer for everyone during Ramzan.

08 May 2021

Beyond call of duty

Here are some docs in the city who are taking time out of their busy schedule to debunk myths and create awareness about Covid-19

06 May 2021

Anxiety? Knit it, Paint it away

We suggest activities that can help your brain release  the ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitters. Also, ask for help from experts

04 May 2021

Art Deco, the secret language of  buildings

The Art Deco style of architecture made its mark in Hyderabad 1930 onwards. We ask experts about its origin, its unique features and more.

01 May 2021

Resting, but not quitting

We have often heard that women cannot have it all.

29 Apr 2021

A mental health pandemic among veterinary doctors?

As the world celebrated Veterinary Day recently, a few vets in the city chose to highlight the stressors that are unique to their profession.

27 Apr 2021

Take a walk, breathe

On World Earth Day, here is a list of a few parks you can visit to admire the gifts of mother earth and take a break from covid

22 Apr 2021

Hyderabad-based pubs on ventilator

Will pubs in Hyderabad survive the Covid-19 second wave? We spoke to a few pub owners and they painted a bleak picture.

21 Apr 2021

Zoo animal adopters set an example

The Nehru Zoological Park saw the highest number of adoptions last year. This has been a blessing for the cash-strapped zoo during the pandemic

17 Apr 2021

Food package for Covid patients: Hyderabad caterers find new avenues to make money

The Covid second wave is here with a vengeance, and given the high number of cases, it does not look we have grown any wiser after our tribulations this past one year.

16 Apr 2021

Reaching out to Hyderabad's street furballs in a pandemic

It is not only humans who have been at the receiving end of the pandemic. Animals, especially strays, have been bearing its brunt too.

15 Apr 2021

Food is your medicine in Sattvic diet

Sattvic lifestyle advocates goodness of mind, body and spirit for high quality of life

10 Apr 2021

When being productive becomes toxic

Workaholism or hustle culture have always been there in different avatars, and the pandemic has given rise to a new form of the menace toxic productivity

08 Apr 2021