Kankana Basu

Vaasanthi’s 'Breaking Free' book review: Bonds of women in rebellion and acceptance

With the deftest of strokes, this novel conjures a picture of the women-dominated lifestyle of the devadasis, where the disciplines of dance, music and coquetry rule supreme.

21 Jul 2022

I am a sporadic, spontaneous writer: Jnanpith award-winning writer Damodar Mauzo

Jnanpith award-winning writer Damodar Mauzo speaks to Kankana Basu about his latest collection of short stories, what inspires him, drives him and what annoys him.

10 Jul 2022

'Dream Town' review: Baldacci's novel gives us a taste of LA style Murder and mayhem

The characters are unabashedly black and white, the pace comfortably breathless and the quips dryly funny, while being occasionally insightful.

02 Jul 2022

True Blue   

The supremely readable novel totters precariously between science, superstition, mythology and history.

21 May 2022

Pandemic ponderings

A feeling of futility permeates the poems from the very onset as Mohanty traces the despair attached to the well-documented pandemic exodus, contrasting it with the pre-pandemic calm.

02 Apr 2022

Stories with a Punch

A bunch of women writers explore unrequited love and dystopian marriages in this anthology

05 Mar 2022

Heartache in the mountains

Ruskin Bond’s introduction adds to this unputdownably engrossing novel.

24 Sep 2017