Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty

Militocracy triumphs again in Pakistan

Pakistan's power structure is unique with the Army sitting on top of the pyramid and former PM Imran Khan's attempt to break free of the Army's overlordship led to disputes.

20 Apr 2022

The war in Ukraine and its economic fallout

New Delhi’s decision to import oil from Moscow has disappointed the US and UK, but urging us not to do so as that would help the Russian economy is blatant hypocrisy.

24 Mar 2022

Glimmer of hope in Ukraine crisis

Those who want us to join the Western bandwagon and condemn Russia seem oblivious to their own stand when it comes to supporting India against China and Pakistan.

01 Mar 2022

Quad takes another step forward

Though there are lingering differences within the group, the need to counter China’s challenge is an area of converging interest. 

24 Feb 2022

Ukraine stand-off a lose-lose situation

Regime change policies are the staple of Anglo-American interventions in various parts of the world, including Ukraine.

28 Jan 2022

India, Russia reinvigorate bilateral ties

Apart from dispelling the sense of drift, Putin’s visit was a clear signal of the commitment to a multipolar global order and reinforced strategic balance as an enduring factor in ties

15 Dec 2021

S-400 CAATSA sanctions ball in US court

The US wants to grab a major share of the Indian defence hardware market. But any imposition of sanctions will dampen chances of defence cooperation gaining further traction

18 Nov 2021

The march of bigotry in Bangladesh

Blasphemy has been weaponised by fanatic Islamist organisations in Pakistan for quite some time and in Bangladesh, the Islamists have learnt fast to emulate this.

29 Oct 2021

Can Quad and AUKUS synergise?

AUKUS adds another layer of deterrence against China. The group is likely to strengthen the military dimension, contrary to the belief that it undercuts Quad.

09 Oct 2021

Why Afghanistan will be a new geopolitical pivot

The Taliban’s return will lead to geopolitical realignment. India’s ties with major powers will also be readjusted to manage terrorism coming from the Af-Pak area

16 Sep 2021

The Taliban’s second innings in Afghanistan

Though even the US knew a Taliban takeover was inevitable, it had not expected it to happen so soon. The misjudgement about the Afghan army’s capabilities was monumental

19 Aug 2021