Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty

Biden’s policy agenda: A bumpy road ahead

 Biden has a long list of policy decisions taken by Trump during his term that he will have to work on correcting. Not all of them will be easy to reverse

17 Nov 2020

China eyes opportunity Amidst Thailand protests

For decades since 1932, after the Chakri dynasty gave up absolute power, Thailand has lived under the shadow of military coups.

31 Oct 2020

India and the historic nomination of Kamala Harris

While Indian-Americans are delighted, many of them nevertheless see candidates through the lens of their attitude towards India

22 Aug 2020

Bangladesh too on the Chinese radar

Bangladesh, like many countries, is struggling with the challenge of the Chinese-origin Covid-19 as well as corruption charges against health officials.

29 Jul 2020

Trump hits the pause button on H-1B visa

President Donald Trump is not having a smooth ride.

28 Jun 2020

China’s hobnailed boot on Hong Kong’s neck

At a time when the world is distracted by the Wuhan virus pandemic, China has stepped up its plan to annex Hong Kong fully

08 Jun 2020

WHO, the battleground for cold war 2.0

There is no doubt that WHO’s director general is culpable. Whether the missteps were errors of judgements or deliberate kowtowing to China is the question

22 May 2020

Iran’s grim fight against coronavirus

Heightened rhetoric about a Western plot, quack remedies and blind faith added to the problem in a nation where senior clerics and politicians have died in the pandemic

18 Apr 2020

Trump’s visit is not about trade alone

Despite disagreements over trade, relations between the US and India are poised for further consolidation. Defence ties continue to remain strong

25 Feb 2020