Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty

India-Bangladesh connectivity blessing for both

New infrastructure projects between the neighbours will reduce costs and delays. But a cloud hangs over how Bangladesh conducts its elections in January

18 Nov 2023

Canada plays China’s game on India’s board

There is much more than meets the ears in the Canada standoff. Context suggests that Trudeau’s unproven charges are meant for winning back Beijing’s favour.

29 Sep 2023

Israel’s convulsive dalliance with judicial reforms

Without a formal written Constitution, an independent Supreme Court is crucial in sustaining a liberal democracy.

31 Aug 2023

IMF-Pakistan tug of war and the changing geopolitical arena

Pakistan’s army is a State within a State and controls crucial political and economic decisions. The civilian government simply cannot bypass the military for fear of being overthrown.

20 Jul 2023

Decisive vote for change in Thailand

In Thailand, coalition negotiations between parties take place with a wary eye on the military.

15 Jun 2023

Isreal Conflict