S Neeraj Krishna

Bumble bungle, helicopter shot & the solivagant soul

A couple of days ago, a journalist friend in Bengaluru threw a ‘Bumble challenge’ at me. She wanted me to explore the ‘cricket lingo’ that’s trending in the Bumble bee circles.

31 minutes ago

When Innocent ‘dumped’ Sushmita Sen... 

It’s like a personal loss for many of us ‘80s kids. Innocent jokes, one-liners and mannerisms were part of our lingo and leisure banters.

28 Mar 2023

English breakfast: Naatu, free riders and spirit of rangatiratanga

Your weekly platter of words, phrases and idioms

24 Mar 2023

English breakfast: Lonely mouths, Bjørnetjeneste & rage farming

I was left quite amused when a friend recently said she often gobbled to kill boredom. I am informed that the tendency to munch on something when bored is not that uncommon.

16 Mar 2023

Kerala’s WhatsAppgate, breadcrumbing & JOMO

Former education minister K T Jaleel had landed in soup over his chats with the UAE consul general. 

07 Mar 2023

Kerala’s WhatsAppgate, breadcrumbing & JOMO

English breakfast- Your weekly platter of words, phrases and idioms

02 Mar 2023

Roald Dahl, ‘Sensitivity Police’ & whoopsy-whiffling gobblefunk  

The word is currently at the centre of a huge debate in global literary circles.

22 Feb 2023

ChatGPT, the new big tech revolution after internet

TNIE  ‘interacts’ with ChatGPT, and  tries to gauge the impact it will make in our lives 

17 Feb 2023

Cow cuddling, Gandhism and some moo juice 

Not very long ago, there were several international reports on “cow cuddling” becoming a trend in the west.

15 Feb 2023

Valentine’s week, ‘Smooch of the Union’ & the ‘Triple Brezhnev’ kiss

English breakfast- your weekly platter of words, phrases and idioms

09 Feb 2023

Playing with snow, ‘Reflection on Ice Breaking’ & KISS principle 

The video of Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka Vadra playing with snow in Kashmir is the best thing I have seen over the past few days. Quite a happy ending to Bharat Jodo Yatra. 

01 Feb 2023

Rahul’s perspicacity, JP’s revolution and pinkie promise

Finally, the Bharat Jodo Yatra threw up some interesting stuff from Kashmir. Nuggets for discussions on two words, the JP Movement, and word games.

25 Jan 2023

Air crash, bathroom disasters and living it up

Another video of a Yeti Airlines flight attendant, who died in the crash, also has been going viral. Oshin Ale can be seen smiling onboard an aircraft.

18 Jan 2023

Gen Z lingo: ‘Ussy’, nepo babies & touching grass...

Prudes and purists may not find this one palatable. For, as we delve into Gen Z lingo, things could get a bit zany in here. 

11 Jan 2023

Gam zeh ya’avor, Big Brother & Comrade Kotappally 

Another Jewish fable says Solomon found the aphorism to be a literary elixir in his battle against the blues.

28 Dec 2022