Shashank Kishan

Retracing the ups and downs of Jainism  

This 30-yr-old moonlights as an amateur archaeologist to showcase the forgotten past of Jain temples in TS

21 Apr 2022

Glory for George: Author Gita Ramaswamy helps keep the legacy of a revolutionary alive

It has been 50 years since Osmania University’s famed revolutionary was martyred, but his legacy still continues to grow, thanks to the works of social activist and author Gita Ramaswamy.

14 Apr 2022

Looking for fossils: The hunt for answers

Finding fossils is a Herculean task, but this Hyderabadi is determined to do it to understand ancient life. Here’s his story

12 Apr 2022

Bred for a purpose: Indian canine breeds

India is home to over 20 dog breeds and for a long time these canines have served their purpose faithfully -- from guarding wealthy landlords to assisting Rajas on hunts.

12 Apr 2022

Capeless sheroes

The public transport system has many more women working long hours in different capacities to ensure a safe commute for lakhs of Hyderabadis.

31 Mar 2022

The writing in the sky: In conversation with Hyderabad's weatherfolks 

CE speaks to the India Meteorological Department’s (IMD) chief scientist and hobbyist cloud/sky watchers from the city, who share pro-tips on how to predict the weather. 

26 Mar 2022

Meet the amateur radio operators lending their ear in crises

Despite it all, Hyderabad has seen a steady rise in its user base, thanks to those who have etched its path towards the fame it garners today.

23 Mar 2022

Making the cut

This is the story of Gayathri Krishnan, the founder of  men’s-only salon chain Trim-X, which is breaking gender stereotypes on personal grooming

08 Mar 2022

Revolutionising breakfast

Here’s a zero-waste subscription-based cloud kitchen service that delivers a freshly blended fruity morning meal in a bottle 

05 Mar 2022

Streaks of disturbance in the night sky

Clear, midnight blue, moonless and shimmering sky is any stargazer’s dream to capture perfect star trails and astronomic observations.

03 Mar 2022