Shinie Antony

'Club you to death' book review: Murder most snazzy

As the list of suspects multiplies by the minute, the mystery deepens deliciously.

12 Mar 2021

A crime of convenience

Just because some places are cordoned off from public view doesn’t mean everything is hunky dory in those realms—not in a marriage, not in a nunnery.

02 Jan 2021

Coffee, Tea or... nothing?

Why must garlic and onions get all the bad press? Tea-breath or coffee-breath is equally lethal in kissing circles, where anything other than mint or mouthwash feels off.

07 Nov 2020

‘I am out with lanterns, looking for myself…’

Your poem is out there somewhere and the attempt to locate it – to read it or to write it – is a lifelong spiritual act.

31 Oct 2020

Commercializing terminal illnesses in love stories

Grand Passion meets fatal infection.

15 Aug 2020

Equality begins at home

Fairy tale marriages are just that—a fairy tale. Most married people openly acknowledge the hard work put into a marriage.

11 May 2019

Gossip is the showstopper in the catwalk of life

Gossip is power. This is the real money in the bank. It is low-cal and non-fattening. And nothing is too sacred.

16 Jun 2018