Sudeshna Dutta

Desserts get a 'meaty' touch

Confident about his creation, Gomes presented it to one of his regular guests.

29 Mar 2020

In a different light

Apart from working from home, watching movies and listening to audio books, Sharmila Maitra is gearing up to do something different this Sunday.

28 Mar 2020

Adding an oomph with asparagus

Asparagus is a key source of Vitamin K, which helps in the process of blood coagulation.

21 Mar 2020

‘Shefs’ at your service

“Culinary being an intense role, the misconception was that only men could handle the pressure. However, women are entirely capable of handling the same role with their multi-tasking skill set.

07 Mar 2020

‘We no longer have the right to make mistakes’

... says award-winning chef Nicolas Durif, on his recent visit to the city, as he shares the pressures they face after being awarded a Michelin Star

05 Mar 2020

Bend it like a beast

Celebs like Kanan Gill, Samyuktha Hegde are trained in the ABCs of animal flow workout

29 Feb 2020

Bringing back old Bengaluru on a plate

Head over to Standing Bar, JP Nagar, with your friends to relive old memories with drinks and innovative variety of Chaknas, Chicken Kababs, Mushroom Ghee Roast, and more 

29 Feb 2020

On a high with rum cocktails

Bartender Richard Neil Irwin, who was  a judge at Bacardi Legacy Cocktail  Competition, on drinks becoming simplistic

27 Feb 2020

Brimming with spirit

Raise a toast to the ongoing India Cocktail Week, which is seeing innovative drinks curated by global mixologists in over 25 bars in the city 

25 Feb 2020

Slice of affairs: Unique pizzas for all occasions

Though its origin is said to be in Naples, pizzas have turned desi for Indians, thanks to twists with fusion toppings like paneer tikka, chicken tikka, paneer butter masala, to name a few.

08 Feb 2020

Food, music take centre stage at Bengaluru's NICEL Ground

Spirits were high at Zomaland, the food carnival hosted over the weekend

03 Feb 2020

Indian cuisine is mystifying and beguiling: London-based chef Chris Galvin

Galvin was in the city recently to conduct a masterclass with some of his signature dishes at CUR8, Four Seasons Hotel Bangalore.

01 Feb 2020