Sumi Sukanya dutta

Covid-19 vaccine by AstraZeneca-Oxford sparks controversy amidst concerns that crucial information was not revealed

It has emerged that there was a goof-up in the human trials of the potential vaccine that resulted in participants being given two different dosing regimens.

19 hours ago

Financial constraints, logistical issues may leave Moderna, Pfizer vaccines ineffective in India

The Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine candidate needs to be stored at -70 degree Celsius, which is impractical in India, while the one by Moderna requires to be kept at -20 degree Celsius.

22 Nov 2020

Signs of community protection against Covid in India

Scientists tracked new cases in Pune from areas with different seroprevalence and found significantly fewer cases emerging in areas with high and more cases from areas with low seroprevalance.

20 Nov 2020

Worry over foreign fund deluge to over 600 NGO-run homes in South

Most of the scrutinised shelter homes were in Tamil Nadu (274), Andhra Pradesh (145) and Kerala (107).

18 Nov 2020

40 per cent shelter homes have no measure in place to prevent children’s abuse 

Audit by NCPCR reveals kids were vulnerable in 2,764 shelter homes

17 Nov 2020

Government's support sought for COVID-19 vaccine that can stay at room temperature

The development comes even as the government has been carrying out an exercise to map out cold chain storage facilities to ensure the Covid vaccine, once available, is delivered quickly across India.

08 Nov 2020

Covid-related stroke is far deadlier: Study

Study on stroke in Covid-19 patients in India shows 26% didn’t have conventional risk factors.

07 Nov 2020

COVID-19: Ayush protocol preceded trials

Clinical trials based on which Covid management protocol was issued in Oct still underway 

06 Nov 2020

Ceiling reduced for non-MBBS teachers in medical colleges

As of now, up to 30% of faculty members, who teach various pre-clinical subjects to first and second-year students in medical colleges, do not have MBBS degrees.

04 Nov 2020

50-59 age group worst hit by coronavirus

This is nearly 20 years lost per COVID-19 death, 303 years lost per 1,000 cases of COVID-19, and about three years lost per 1,000 population in a full year.

03 Nov 2020

‘Roll out vaccine for high-risk patients with phase-3 trials’

Some experts, however, insisted that the phase-3 trials are necessary and should be prioritised, over offering unlicensed vaccines to any section of the population.

31 Oct 2020

Oral polio vaccine may be protecting young Indians from COVID-19, finds study

The long-term immune response generated by OPV might also protect from SARS-CoV-2 because of biological similarities it shares with OPV type I and type III viruses. 

30 Oct 2020

Government to assess institutes with ‘eminence’ tag on parameters used in international rankings

Union minister Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank said that an incentive mechanism for institutions shall be developed to reward the IoEs that are doing well.

28 Oct 2020

Poor hygiene, water quality can lower COVID-19 fatality rate, says study

New study suggests poor quality of water and sanitation could have made Indians more immune to the disease.

27 Oct 2020

BJP's latest vaccine sop not in sync with Modi government’s prioritisation policy

Top functionaries of the government had thus far said that once available, the vaccine will be prioritised and be given to the most vulnerable groups first.

23 Oct 2020