Supraja Mahesh

When work came home: Professionals share their 2020 memories 

The New Indian Express reached out to a few professionals from Tier-1 cities to understand what heading home -- to work, of course -- meant for them. The experiences were different, yet common.

31 Dec 2020

How Bihar is ensuring a 'safe and secure' election during COVID-19 pandemic

Usually, thousands of people wait in lines or sit closely, to listen to their leaders make promises once again in return for their vote. But this time things were different.

27 Oct 2020

'We have to live with corona for now': Delhi Metro's Yellow Line is back in action and how!

The new addition was people entering the station wearing masks, some even had face shields, posters and hoardings to remind passengers of the 'invisible' COVID-19.

07 Sep 2020

'People were buried alive': On I-Day, a 90-year-old shares the still-raw pain of Partition

'I had just completed matriculation from the Punjab University, Lahore (now Pakistan) then. I was with my friends when we all heard about the division...' remembers LR Bali...

16 Aug 2020

How a man who had never visited India got the task of 'drawing' lines of Partition

It is said that after drawing the 'Radcliffe Line' Sir Cyril left India the very next day and never came to the country again.

16 Aug 2020

Asvins: Chennai's own Blair Witch Project made completely during the lockdown

Any sane person would ask, what is the need for Arjun to go and involve himself in such late-night activities in a haunted house but....

06 Aug 2020

Bhaiya ek chai: How COVID-19 has taken away the joy of that highly prized tea break

Tea drinking is not what it was ever since the COVID-19 lockdown began and work from home became the norm. This has impacted both tea sellers and tea drinkers in more ways than one.

28 Jun 2020

Listen to Her: Nandita Das' short film shows why it's wrong to assume the home is safe for women

In just seven minutes, the award-winning actor-director brilliantly addresses two important issues many women are facing during this coronavirus lockdown...

03 Jun 2020

To Maddy, with love: Five Madhavan roles beyond 'Alaipayuthey' we'll cherish forever

While we wait to see Rocketry -The Nambi Effect, on his 50th birthday we look at five Madhavan roles, beyond 'Karthik' from Alaipayuthey, which will stay evergreen.

01 Jun 2020

Looked like a pujo pandal: Eyewitness account of COVID-19 testing camp in Bengal 

On their journey of over 2000-plus kms, they saw the migrant exodus that has been making news for all the wrong reasons across states. 

15 May 2020

A need now but no replacement: Teachers share concerns about online classes during COVID-19

A few primary school teachers have other concerns. They are of the opinion that college students are easier to manage in digital classes than primary school children. 

06 May 2020

Grand Budapest Hotel to Isle of dogs: Why lockdown is perfect time to discover Wes Anderson

Known for his distinctive visuals and narration style, Anderson has made 11 films and his twelfth, The French Dispatch starring Timothee Chalamet, was set to release in July.

01 May 2020

'The uncertainty is unbearable': Indians from coronavirus-hit countries share concerns

It has been three years since Khushboo moved to Canada from India and says living during a global pandemic all alone, away from parents, can make you numb. 

06 Apr 2020