Shinie Antony

To define a woman is to refine or confine?

A shakeup in the gender stakes is currently underway. Unless the dust settles, there’s no telling how much women are set to gain, or lose, in the long run.

31 Mar 2023

Thank you for the laughs, Subi

The outpouring of grief in Kerala following the demise of Subi Suresh is not surprising in itself; a performing artiste elicits different levels of fandom.

04 Mar 2023

Of crime, con and an element of raunch

There are many reasons to intently follow a crime story: the newness of it, the body count, the motivation, the sheer nerve.

05 Nov 2022

Equality begins at home

Fairy tale marriages are just that—a fairy tale. Most married people openly acknowledge the hard work put into a marriage.

11 May 2019

Gossip is the showstopper in the catwalk of life

Gossip is power. This is the real money in the bank. It is low-cal and non-fattening. And nothing is too sacred.

16 Jun 2018