Kranti is a film for every parent: Director and composer V Harikrisha

...says V Harikrishna, whose upcoming directorial starring Darshan is set to get a massive opening in Karnataka in around 450 screens on the opening day
V Harikrisha and poster of the movie 'Kranti'
V Harikrisha and poster of the movie 'Kranti'

Team Kranti is all smiles as the Darshan starrer is set to open big in theatres today. The fans, who have been hand in hand with the Challenging Star since the inception of the film, are all geared up to create a revolutionary experience with 400 screens having the FDFS in Karnataka. The makers shared that Kranti will hit theatres on 450 screens, and will at least have 3000 shows on the opening day.

Speaking to CE, ahead of the film’s release, director and composer V Harikrisha tell us that Kranti is a star vehicle that talks about a necessary revolution within the education system. “Education is a household issue, which is represented by the titular character of Kranti. It is the story of every parent. Kranti is about responsibility, accountability, and how education has become a burden today.

The film revolves around government schools. “When such pertinent topics are told through a superstar like Darshan, the reach is wider, and the impact will be bigger,” says Harikrishna, adding, “Kranti is a film, which is made on a big canvas, and with larger than- life characters, but it is also about giving back something to the society.” Billed as a mass entertainer, which is written and directed by Harikrishna, Kranti marks the filmmaker’s second directorial after Yajamana.

“I don’t know where inspiration can come. I considered this a gift from God. I love penning my thoughts, usually in the form of lyrics for various songs. Today, my writing process has just got a bigger canvas,” says Harirkishna, who has paid a lot of attention to writing, for which he has consumed six months and he says will be the biggest highlight of the film.

In my opinion, story, screenplay, and dialogues are a chain, and as a director, it is best when I handle it all on my own,” he says. The collaboration between Darshan and Harikrishna goes a long way back, and the former says, “It is difficult to mount a story on the sole power of content, and that is where stardom comes in too.” Harikrishna further shares his experience of working with Darshan and says that he is always in awe of the actor’s memory power.

“He is a star, who takes the entire team on his shoulders. He doesn’t have any starry airs, one good quality in him is that he doesn’t bring his star image to the sets of any film, and that makes it easy for the director. Another biggest quality of Darshan is that he always prefers and encourages local talent,” says Harkrishna. Kranti also features Ravichandran in a pivotal role as a father to a young Darshan.

This is the first time Ravichandran is sharing screenspace with Darshan, which will be another highlight of Kranti. Apart from them, Kranti also stars RAchita Ram, Samyukta Hornad, Vainidhi Jagadish, Umashree, Mukhyamantri Chandru, Girish Shivanna, Dharmanna Kadur, Tarun Arora, and Raghu among others. With music by Harikrishna, Kranti has Karunakar handling the camerawork.

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