Chunkzz: An adult comedy in the garb of an entertainer

For an entertainer, a few might find Chunkzz a ‘paisa wasool venture’. But, that doesn’t justify itstasteless and offensive attempt at humour.
Chunkzz: An adult comedy in the garb of an entertainer

One question that kept popping up in my head throughout Omar Lulu’s Chunkzz was how this movie managed to get a U certificate. For, Chunkzz is every bit an adult comedy, littered with innuendos and crude jokes. Yes, there are funny moments, thanks to its overall peppy feel and comic timing, but at no point does Chunkzz shed its sex comedy tag. 

The story is set in an engineering college, where our gang studies (well, nothing much in the way of study happens there, all they do is ogle girls and enjoy life). Into the mechanical engineering class, walks in the Mech Rani (Honey Rose), who is serenaded by a horde of admirers. Everybody wants to woo her. Soon, there is the essential Goa trip. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

While I wouldn’t be surprised to see Chunkzz doing extremely well at the box office (the youth are already queuing up), but it is hard not to notice how flimsy and offensive the storyline is. 

The lack of meat in the plot has been concealed with some witty one-liners. This ploy works, somehow. The comic timing of Dharmajan Bolgatty, Balu Varghese and Lal makes up for the lack of drama and this is the biggest lure of Chunkzz. Gopi Sunder’s  music is another highlight, the BGM is lively enough to charge up the sequences.

But, the most disheartening thing in Chunkzz is the low-brow humour. Omar has to be quite adventurous to find humour even in ‘Pulsar Suni’ and voyeurism.  

Most times, the one-liners are obscene, offensive, racist and disrespectful. Is this because the cast, crew and the large segment of their audience are youth? Did the director think he could sell this off as humour to them? The question is for Omar to answer.

The main objective of Honey Rose, who plays the female lead, is to look good, while Mereena Micheal, who plays the “bold, bike-riding and kick a few butts-type” girl. Except for Lal and Siddique, most of the actors are very young, and do their parts well. For an entertainer, a few might find Chunkzz a ‘paisa wasool venture’. But, that doesn’t justify its tasteless attempt at humour.

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