The fashion physicians: Doctors turn to the world of couture

Meet doctor designer duo, Dr Rishi Roy and Dr Vibhuti Dhaundiyal, who perform the cut-and-stitch-up job to perfection. 
Dr Rishi Roy (R) and Dr Vibhuti Dhaundiyal
Dr Rishi Roy (R) and Dr Vibhuti Dhaundiyal

Where would you expect an orthopaedist and a medical aesthetician to be working in? A hospital, right? Well, not entirely. For Dr Rishi Roy and Dr Vibhuti Dhaundiyal, who are practicing medical professionals along with being owners of their fashion label, are as adept at the drawing board as they are at an operating table.

From sutures on skin to stitches on fabric, the couple has been successfully running their label, Rishi and Vibhuti, for the past five years, alongside full-time careers as doctors at a Delhi hospital. So how did the doctors come to be designers?

"Honestly, it has been an organic growth as fashion has always been a form of creative expression for us. It started when we designed Vibhuti’s outfit for an annual event during our medical college days," laughs Rishi. The two, who met as students of Muzaffarnagar Medical College, began designing for friends, friends of friends and professors to earn some pocket money," says Rishi.

"As the hobby turned into a passion, they moved from strength to strength from exhibitions to trunk shows to mall kiosks, till they finally set up their label in Noida five years ago. “Now each day brings in new horizons and opportunities," he adds.

With their in-depth understanding of the human form, the duo focusses on shaping comfortable cuts and free flowing forms. The garments are bereft of heavy embroideries and focus on their inherent rhythm while moving with your form.

Prod them for the buyer profile and Rishi says, "Our designs are perfect for a college girl who can belt up in our sari, to a bridesmaid who can twirl around in our sunflower lehenga, or a woman in her 40s who can flatter our Aesha straight suits."

"The anarkalis and angrakhas are contemporised in the flowing silhouettes with the two Cs: comfort and chronicle of our treasured Indian history forming the pivot," shares Vibhuti. 

Amazingly enough, the price points are affordable. "That is a deliberate intent because we never want our garments to be restricted to one audience. Our brand’s motive is to design, create, and construct and reinvent our silhouettes to constantly push the boundaries of affordable luxury, " says the duo.

Their vibrant atelier in Noida is packed with karigars, design teams and interns, a far cry from spartan medical clinics. Clearly, it is their combined love for the fine arts that knits them together. A singer and a ukelele player, Vibhuti recalls she had a tough time convincing her parents about following her passion.

Much like the challenges Rishi (a professional in Kathak) faced in juggling sleepless nights between trunk show production deadlines and the call of the medical profession. But their passion shines through in every stitch. 

What has been their biggest learning? "Never give up on your dreams. No dream is too big if you dream it every day. It takes determination and hard work to achieve something. If you believe something will happen, the universe makes it happen," they sign off, ready to launch their menswear and kidswear collections as well.

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