A Slice of La Dolce Vita

Designer duo Pankaj and Nidhi combine minimalistic designs with durability in their latest collection inspired by the Amalfi coast.
A Slice of La Dolce Vita

At a time when the world is yearning to travel, designers Pankaj and Nidhi take us on a virtual tour of Italy’s stunning Amalfi Coast. With hues taken from colours of the Italian riviera, it’s a light, easy, breezy collection of jackets and pants, maxi dresses, skirts and tops. All drawn from their vivid vacation memories.

“We simply loved that combination of never-ending natural beauty dotted with man-made houses that add a unique character and charm to the landscape. Translating one’s ideas into reality requires a team and technology—that is where partnering with Logitech this season has been most exciting and fulfilling,” says Nidhi.

The soothing palette of blues and corals of the ocean combine with Very Peri, the Pantone colour of the year (“we love this versatile, transformative colour”) to meet the mood of the pandemic-weary buyer in a readily available online collection. “Each piece is versatile and trans-seasonal in its vibe,” adds Pankaj. “With the changing scenario, people have begun to travel again, and with buzzing social engagements on the calendars, the unique creations in this line easily fulfil dynamic wardrobe needs.

“We feel a silhouette’s essence is in the details, so we focus mainly on the little details like embroideries on the sleeves and skirts. It makes a silhouette what it truly is,” says Nidhi. Indeed, delicate touches abound in applique, flouncy layers, soft bows and silk fringes that form feminine definitions in the contemporary chic cuts, making the eye travel along the fluid, form-flattering lines.

“Dressing for comfort first is the fashion mantra of 2022. As a label, we have always stressed on wearability and functional comfort wearing the right size and fit in comfortable fabrics is just so important for everyone,” they emphasise, adding, “We believe there is absolutely no point in looking stylish and being unable to get through the day.”

As for trends for 2022, the duo says ruffles and flounces add newness, and are most certainly here to stay. As do embroidered jackets teamed with flowy skirts. Contemporary classics on the go. Well, that’s Amalfi for you.

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