Looking Out, Looking In: Design-led solutions that are affordable

The colour palette of the store has been deliberately kept neutral. The founders wanted the products to take centre stage.
(Photo | Special arrangement)
(Photo | Special arrangement)

Where can you find a wide range of furniture, lighting, carpets and TV units that are thoughtfully designed, combining elements from various styles like Art Deco, modern and mid-century, all under one roof? Welcome to the newly opened flagship store of Bay Window, spread over 30,000 sqft in the swish neighbourhood of Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad.

The brainchild of the husband-wife team, Shivani and Siddhant Anand, the brand draws inspiration from the juxtaposition of two worlds that humans inhabit—the tumultuous external realm, where we diligently tread the path of societal expectations, nurture our careers and foster relationships, and the oft-neglected internal sphere, where the pursuit of contentment, passion and tranquillity take precedence.

“We aim to create spaces with more profound meaning and purpose, allowing individuals to relate better to their surroundings. With meticulous craftsmanship using varied materials and techniques, our products offer an unconventional twist that sets them apart,” says Siddhant, whose family-owned Khazana Group has been in the furniture business for the past three decades. With Bay Window, he adds, they wanted to bring design-led solutions that are affordable.

Shivani and Siddhant Anand
Shivani and Siddhant Anand

The colour palette of the store has been deliberately kept neutral. The founders wanted the products to take centre stage. To that end, a perfect balance is struck between design and functionality, with each piece featuring distinctive details. The space showcases pieces from Bay Window’s various collections, including Nook—a range of compact and comfortable furniture that can fit in any corner of a room. It includes sofas, chairs, ottomans, coffee tables and side tables. Then there’s Glow—a collection of lighting products featuring lamps, chandeliers, pendant and wall lights. Cozy is a range of rugs and soft furnishings that offers carpets, cushions, throws, blankets and curtains. Finally, there’s Sparkle, a range of plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, napkins, placemats, coasters and candles to enhance the dining experience.

“We prioritise an ergonomic approach. Which is why, our furniture is comfortable and suitable for everyday use,” says Shivani, adding, “We keep that in mind while choosing the materials and the design processes. Also, making products in limited batches allows us to benefit from economies of scale, resulting in more accessible pricing for our customers without compromising on quality.” 

If Bay Window’s designs are diverse, so is their range of materials—there’s wood, metal, leather, bone as well as glass. Customers can choose from a spectrum of colour and size options readily available in stock, eliminating the need for customisation. Although, the brand offers the service in case of larger projects such as a clubhouse or restaurant, which have specific requirements. 

To keep adding fresh ideas and global perspectives, the duo also collaborates with designers worldwide, making Bay Window a brand that constantly strives to create innovative products.

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