Prateek Jain (l) and Gautam Seth; (left) collektklove store
Prateek Jain (l) and Gautam Seth; (left) collektklove store

For the klove of glass

Infusing history, mythology and folklore, Klove Studio launches its flagship glass-accessories store in the Capital

Within the sleek and upscale arcade of The Dhan Mill in Delhi, an understated gem has been making heads turn: a modern barn with exquisite glass accessories. Called collektklove, a new flagship store by designers Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth of Klove Studio, it has gifting collectibles, souvenirs and table lamps displayed in a spartan, unassuming manner that lets the glass models be the marvel of the space. “We always envisioned our products to find home in a natural, rustic setting. The lofty thatched ceilings, walls adorned with a lime wash, and expansive windows inviting natural light to gently bathe the glass creations, all keep in line with this close-to-earth aesthetic,” says Seth.

The idea of the new store was born last year with the launch of collektklove, an artisanal hand-blown gifting-collectible brand. Motivated by the positive response it got, the duo decided to grow the line by adding more products, and give them a permanent abode. “Each piece is steeped in history, mythology, folklore, ritualistic nuances and symbolism. The Theyyam lamp series, for instance, is imbued with the spirit of the dance from Kerala. Blending tradition with vibrant hues, it comes in three sizes. Nandi makes for a chic collectible steeped in wisdom.

A symbol of purity and justice, it sits suffused in the mother-of-pearl finish in milky white hues of hand-blown glass,” says Jain. “Also, worth mentioning is the shankh or the conch shell in the colours of moonlight; it’s made of hand-blown glass. Our beloved Ellie is crafted in an emerald hue,” adds Seth.

This reverence for indigenous cultures and the natural world that permeates their work is seen in the generous use of organic, fluid forms supplemented by whimsical elements. Interestingly, neither Seth nor Jain has formal training in their craft; both have learnt everything on the job, charting a unique journey in the realm of lighting design. “We are guided by our memory—of places, people and things, which have moved us,” says Seth. Their creativity is propelled by their spiritual beliefs, which infuse their work with a tender and empathetic nuance. “Our journey has been all about extrapolating light in distinct ways to redefine spaces. Each collection emerges from an instinctive process, and remaining true to it has given us an edge over others in the space,” says Jain.

With their latest collection, the duo has taken a stride towards democratic pricing as well; they want to reach out to a broader audience. “It’s been our endeavour to reconcile our exceptional craftsmanship with the values of approachable luxury. We believe that if you want to enjoy and treasure an exceptional piece of art, the price point shouldn’t intimidate you. From candle holders and vases to room lights and trinkets, there’s something to suit every budget and design sensibility,” says Seth. A truly inclusive collective, it seems.

Available at: collektklove, The Dhan Mill, Delhi

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