'Odeta' line: Aulerth and Ekaya Banaras unveil sustainable marine-inspired jewels

Fine jewels inspired by the blues anchor the maritime-themed collection by Aulerth and Ekaya Banaras
'Odeta' line: Aulerth and Ekaya Banaras unveil sustainable marine-inspired jewels

The mysteries of the marine world and the winged and webbed creatures that inhabit it have always intrigued and inspired creative hearts. Odeta, meaning blue sea, by Aulerth x Ekaya Banaras, is a bejewelled tribute to the beauty and serenity of the vast blue of the planet.

Inspired by the swirling whispers of the waves, the natural ridges of the shells, and the fluid beauty of the blues, the collection comprises turquoise-hued crystals as a highlight element. There are textured neckpieces, aquamarine-adorned pendants, earrings in sea-swept contours, and rings that circle in the complexion of all that belongs to the seas, not to mention the smatterings of coloured stones in between. The carefully placed pearl drops, interlocking shells, and burnished gold elements add an extra bit of refinement.

“Maintaining design ethics, versatility and sustainability has been our focus while collaborating with Aulerth. Each piece radiates a luminous aqua-marine glow and makes for a collectable item. The baroque-inspired rings are my personal favourite,” says Palak Shah, CEO at Ekaya Banaras.

The collection marks the second collaboration between the two brands, and has been a melting pot of ideas with Ekaya Banaras bringing some of the best silks to the forefront, and Aulerth raising the bar with its couture-inspired, consciously-made jewellery. “This line will appeal most to those who have an appreciation for craft, are artistically inspired, and are open to building an alternate view of ornaments; essentially, women forthcoming towards embracing a modified view of jewellery,” says Vivek Ramabhadran, founder and CEO, Aulerth.

Each piece in the recently launched line carries a 22K gold finish. No mined gemstones were used. Instead, a combination of stones such as hand-carved simulated ones, and synthetic stones, with zero to minimal footprint, were included,” says Ramabhadran. Furthermore, the collection is made using recycled brass from industrial waste. “These low-impact materials resemble their natural counterparts beautifully while maintaining design integrity,” he says.

Opening up a new dimension for its customers, the circular jewellery brand has introduced an ‘exchange’ feature, offering 50 per cent credit and the option to explore new designs. Additionally, the ‘loop’ feature enables wearers to wear the jewellery for two weeks and return it for minimal cost. Now, that’s a deal worth seizing.

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