Rococo Milano enveils eclectic decor collection: A blend of rustic charm and modern minimalism

Rococo Milano enveils eclectic decor collection: A blend of rustic charm and modern minimalism

Rococo Milano pivots its focus on all things ceramic, stone and metal for its new urban chic products

From a variety of figurines and vases to bookends and planters sourced from various corners of the world, each piece in Rococo Milano’s new collection reflects the design sensibilities of Rithik Dhawan, the founder of the Delhi-based luxury furniture and décor store.

“The rustic silhouettes mirror the primal essence of nature’s beauty. Crafted from ceramic, stone and metal, their appeal lies in the way they lend a sense of organic beauty to spaces. Yet, the task of navigating a labyrinth of choices, seeking only elements that resonated with the varied tastes of our clientele, was a bit of a challenge. In the end, however, we managed to include a good mix of products,” he says, pointing towards the twin earthy-hued ceramic flower pot.

It exemplifies simplicity, even as its unassuming facade belies the innovation in form and structure. “The delicate balance between minimalism and solidity is a hallmark of its design,” Dhawan says. The Norton vase is another example of sophisticated design. It exudes a Scandinavian-esque aesthetic with its minimal hourglass shape. The most distinct piece, however, is the Phoenix, characterised by its abstract design, textured body and rugged finish. There’s also Mia, comprising metal pieces inspired by elephants and horses.

Even though Dhawan enjoys every bit of the selection process for all his collections, the entrepreneur doesn’t shy away from admitting that it gets a bit overwhelming at times. “I’ve been on a rollercoaster ride since I entered the space in June 2023. The pursuit of exclusivity has led us to ideate and innovate constantly. As the interior industry experiences a positive shift towards prioritising self-expression over mere aesthetics, we’ve recognised the need to solidify our processes, including a data-driven approach to stay ahead of the curve,” he says.

Not all changes have been positive though. Talking about the proliferation of ‘fast décor and furniture’, he says, “These mass-produced pieces are akin to fast food of the décor world—easily available, convenient to install and pocket-friendly. But, they offer little in terms of long-term value.”


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