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Subscription-based meal delivery services offer epicurean delights without burning a hole in one’s pocket.
Herbivore opens a world of possibilities for vegetarians
Herbivore opens a world of possibilities for vegetarians

The order of the day for most office-goers is #saddesklunch. The choices are either to opt for the usual unappetising and monotonous dabba meal, or binge on junk while at work. The gruelling office schedule leaves no time to step out for a sumptuous meal or pack a lunchbox to please one’s taste buds on a daily basis.

Bela Gupta
Bela Gupta

But those days are numbered now, thanks to subscription-based gourmet lunch delivery services currently available across metros. Ventures like Savor Experiences, ChefKraft and Herbivore, among others, offer a delectable fare delivered at your offices.

“Lunch has always been a rushed affair for many, we want to change that with Savor Lunch,” says Kanu Gupta, founder of Mumbai-based Savor Experiences. The deal is to take subscribers on a culinary journey across the world. Most of these services believe variety is the spice of life, so ‘monotony’ is not a word on their menu. Neatly packed lunches are delivered anywhere between 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm.

Swati Krishna, a patron of Bengaluru-based gourmet food subscription service ChefKraft, says, “Ingredients are fresh, local and high-quality; the menu is extensive and well thought out. Packaging is top notch and delivery is on time always. The best part is the food itself, it’s quite delectable.”
The lunch subscriptions come with different plans—daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly—and with discounts too, making them flexible and affordable.

Fruit bowl from ChefKraft
Fruit bowl from ChefKraft

If you are a vegetarian, have a palate that travels far and wide but finds pit stops only at potato and paneer, Mumbai-based vegetarian subscription meal service Herbivore opens a world of possibilities for you. “Along with wholesome, regular meals that are plant, dairy and grain-based, Herbivore can tailor your lunches as per your dietary specifications. Along with creating a combination of the three above, we also provide dairy-free, sugar-free and oil-free options,” says its founder Bela Gupta.

The idea is to make meals nutritious, without compromising on the flavour and feel. Mohit Mital of ChefKraft says, “Our signature plan, KETO 20, helps one achieve fitness goals and have both veg and non-veg options. The plan contains 20 meals with a balance of fat, protein, carbs and energy, delivered on weekdays.”

Herbivore has a nutritionist on board who has derived the nutritional value of each recipe. “We have rejigged our menu to provide perfectly balanced meals for the health-conscious,” says Bela.  
Meanwhile, Kanu proclaims theirs is not a health food service. “Kate Moss said that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. We are striving to prove her wrong; we believe one can eat well and be healthy at the same time.” They have recently introduced Savor Lite, a gluten-free lunch box. Whether your goals are diet or performance-based, they believe eating well shouldn’t be difficult.

Mexican, Thai, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and Indian regional foods on offer Price: 5 meals at `2,000+10% discount

Middle & Mediterranean to Far Eastern and Italian cuisines served  Price: 5 meals at `1,200 (Veg) and `1,400 (Non-veg)

Savor Lunch
The menu covers 40 cuisines including Italian, French, Japanese and Cantonese food Price: 5 meals at `2,625.

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