Weddings Go Gourmet

Bold flavours and delicious surprises increasingly set the table on the big day across the country.
Weddings Go Gourmet

Gourmet, artisanal and organic is no more only the preserve of big-ticket weddings. Bold flavours and delicious surprises increasingly set the table on the big day across the country. This wedding season looks set to be the best time yet for wedding food trends.

Artistic displays
Today, banquets are all about creating an incredible dining experience with a menu that is reflective of the couple. John Biswas, Executive Chef, Radisson Hyderabad, Hitec City, managed by Sarovar Hotels, says: “Artistic display of food in the form of jewellery or accessories, chocolate portrait painting and visually appealing presentation are in.” 

Grazing tables
Krishna Sharma, Executive Chef, The Park, Bengaluru, says, “There can be types of grazing tables with various foods such as a cheese station, choice of dips, fresh salad, fruits, house-made breads and smorgasbord of meats.” Grazing tables may also only be a display of candies for kids, dessert items as well as a mini sushi counter.

Interactive food stations
Colloquially referred to as live counters, these are not a new concept but the cuisine is. “Each guest now wants to have something different. They attend social events in a year and make a mental note of what they liked and what they did not and keep that list ready,” says Neelabh Sahay, Executive Chef, Novotel Kolkata Hotel & Residences.

Sustainable weddings are going to be all about giving back much more than you receive without leaving a huge carbon footprint. “The food will in all probability be locally sourced or organically grown. Leftovers would be delivered to the needy or composted to be converted into fertiliser,” says Zubin D’souza, Corporate Executive Chef, Mars Enterprises & Hospitality Pvt Ltd. 

Glamorous cakes
Wedding cakes are becoming part of the festivities irrespective of culture. Pastry Chef Manumon, Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre and Hyderabad International Convention Centre, says, “Nowadays, cake designs are fun, reinventing the wheel and incorporating all kinds of new shapes, colours, patterns and materials that one would have never dreamt of in the past.” 

Creating new experiences
“Be it promoting local flavours by sourcing ingredients, planning a themed menu, flying down the culinary team of their favourite restaurant, getting a Michelin star restaurant to personally cater the event or having various pop-ups, families are leaving no stone unturned,” says Abhisek Basu, Executive Assistant Manager, Food & Beverage, The Leela Mumbai.

Regional push
Prem K Pogakula, Executive Chef, The Imperial New Delhi, says, “Indian cuisine reflects a 5,000-year history of intermingling of various communities and cultures, leading to diverse flavours and regional cuisines which comply to the regional wedding traditions.” 

DIY counters
“The season’s trending concepts include individual, immersive live cooking stations from sushi carts to BBQ counters and more,” says Vijay 
Thapliyal, Executive Chef, The Lodhi, New Delhi.

Customised beverages
Manoj Jangid, Food and Beverage Manager, Sofitel Mumbai BKC, says, “Innovation in cocktails is ever growing and it continues to inspire and surprise the guests with unique amalgamations.”

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