Cocoa butter makes it better, try the prawn butter powder bowl

Chef Rohit Sangawan hails cocoa butter as the silent hero in his culinary repertoire
Cocoa butter( Photo | Pexels)
Cocoa butter( Photo | Pexels)

Chef Rohit Sangawan discovered cocoa butter five years ago when he ordered a steak at a French restaurant in Europe. “The meat had a rustic taste. So I went to the kitchen to observe the chef at work and discovered the secret ingredient. I just couldn’t taste the butter that gave it the taste, because its inclusion was that subtle,” shares Sangwan, Executive Chef, Taj Land’s End Mumbai. Having grown up in Haryana, the delicious white and golden swirls were part of his daily food. It was over a decade
ago when he chanced upon cocoa butter, which is the silent hero in his culinary repertoire.

In July, Sangwan decided to get creative with his favourite dairy element—using cocoa butter in place of regular cooking oils was a no- brainer. Last month, he cooked up tawa pomfret masala in cocoa butter. “This dish is best suited for pescatarians. Usually, you cook fish on the tawa using ghee or mustard oil. Both leave a peculiar smell and taste on the fish, which is a delicate meat. I like the taste of my fish to stand out. Cocoa butter brings out its best facets.

The recipe is now on the hotel’s menu,” he says, informing that the butter he favours is premium Mycryo cocoa butter made by Callebaut. There are two versions of cocoa butter he uses: a powder version with the consistency of suji and a block that can be grated for use. The butter can be applied to sear meat or tossed vegetables. Cocoa butter is a plant-based fat extracted from the cocoa bean. “Butter is the healthiest fatty pick, especially in today’s times of palm oil-powered chocolates and margarine-laced cookies,” says Sangwan. “Different versions of it are available, from seaweed butter to
pickled butter.”

Buttery advice from the master chef? “Replace gelatine with cocoa butter as it makes the dessert set fabulously well when it is cooled.” Up next? Aloo parathas with cocoa butter, by Sangawan. A hot potato, for sure.

Millet, Chickpea and Prawn Butter Powder Bowl

✥ 3 pieces of prawns
✥ Marinade
✥ Salt
✥ Pepper
✥ Lemon Juice
✥ 10 gm cocoa
butter powder
✥ 30 gm pearl millet
✥ 50 gm chickpea
✥ ½ tomato
✥ 1 chilli
✥ 6 leaves Bok Choi
✥ ½ onion
✥ 15 gm spring onions
✥ 5 gm flat parsley

✥ Marinade the prawns with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Dust cocoa butter powder on the prawns
and keep aside.
✥ Soak pearl millet for an hour and then boil it in sea salt water.
✥ Soak chickpeas in water and then boil to cook.
✥ Stir-fry the Bok Choi and season lightly.
✥ Chop tomatoes, onion and spring onion.
✥ Mix all ingredients together, season lightly with salt pepper, lemon juice and chilli.
✥ Put the prawns directly on a non-stick pan and grill on both sides.
✥ Add to the salad and serve warm.

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