Representational image of menstruation and reproductive health products.
Representational image of menstruation and reproductive health products.

Menstrual Changes Due to the Pandemic: Examining two sides of a study

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Name of study: The impact of Covid-19 on women’s reproductive health
By who and where: Ovia Health, Boston, US

What does it say?
✥  The pandemic changed the pattern of menstrual cycles in women. Symptoms associated with it have also changed. 
✥  This is largely due to the stress created after the onset of Covid, which continues till date. Long-term stress produces high cortisol levels and risk-altering endocrinological processes. This is why a change has been seen in menstrual cycles post the pandemic.


Covid caused changes  

Dr Sarika Gupta, consultant, gynecologic oncology and robotic gynaecology, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi

Menstrual disorders are related to stress and the pandemic has increased this in all areas of life in a big way. Financial stress and the fear of isolation are among the top concerns and also the contributors of massive stress for many. When there is long-term unaddressed stress, the nervous system responds negatively and releases toxic hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, both bad for the body as they increase the heart rate, blood pressure, and create several other problems.            


Covid not the culprit

Dr Kaberi Banerjee, Medical Director, Advance Fertility and Gynae Centre, New Delhi

Covid-19 has been reported to affect various organs, especially the lungs, but its effect on the reproductive system, menstruation and fertility are yet to be confirmed. We need more concrete evidence to prove the above claim and at the moment, we do not have much of those. There is another study conducted recently that reported that the average sex hormone concentrations and ovarian reserves did not change significantly during the pandemic. Covid is not the culprit. 

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