75 per cent lung cancer cases diagnosed late, cases among women on rise

Late diagnosis is because regular screening is not done even among chronic smokers, and also since lung cancer often misdiagnosed as pneumonia or tuberculosis, says Dr Niti Raizada.
For representational purposes
For representational purposes

BENGALURU: On Lung Cancer Day on Monday, doctors say that Lung cancer constitutes to 6.9% of all cancer cases and 9.3% of all cancer-related deaths. "But around 75% of cases are getting detected in stage 3 or 4 and nearly 45% of them are diagnosed at a time when cancer has spread to other parts of the body," said Dr Tausif Ahmed Thangalvadi, medical director, NURA hospital, Bengaluru.

Dr Niti Raizada, director, medical oncology and hemato-oncology, Fortis hospitals, said "Late diagnosis is because regular screening is not done even among chronic smokers, and also since lung cancer is often misdiagnosed as pneumonia or tuberculosis," she said

She added "Incidence of lung cancer in women has grown by 61.5% and its prevalence is more among women than men, due to Cigarette smoking besides use of chulhas with inadequate ventilation in kitchens", Dr Niti Raizada said.

Dr Neelesh Reddy, senior consultant, medical oncology, Manipal hospital Yeshwanthpur, said "Exposure to radiation for breast cancer or oral cancer is contributing to less than 1% of cases these days because of advances in radiation techniques and machines now," he said.

Dr Nidhi Tandon, consultant, medical oncology, Narayana health city, said, "exposure to ionising radiation can also cause lung cancer. While lung cancer is commonly seen among those above 60 years, off-late we are seeing even teenage patients. Certain mutations are also causing lung cancer and targeted therapy against those mutations can keep disease under control. Those above 55 years of age, with a long history of smoking for over 20 -30 years must get screened for lung once in every two years," she said.

Dr Sandeep Nayak P, director-department of surgical oncology & robotic & laparoscopic surgery, Fortis Hospital said, "Now early detection of lung cancer can be done for heavy smokers using low dose CT scan. When treated early, more than 70% of the patients survive for 5 years. Survival rate in patients even in stage 4 has improved due to many advanced therapies," he said.

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