'Hard seltzers': Getting high in the healthy way

Clean and low in calories, seltzers are fast becoming a popular party starter among the health-conscious
'Hard seltzers': Getting high in the healthy way

The National Hard Seltzer Day is a month away, July 27, to be precise. But Goa is leaving no collins glass unturned to prompt partygoers to take a swig of the new beverage—the seltzer. Sobriety is the emotion this summer in Maai in Assagao, Misky Bar in Panjim and Cajy Bar in Arpora. Seltzer, according to food portal Eater.com, is just plain water, carbonated with added carbon dioxide. Club soda is similar, but with added potassium bicarbonate and potassium sulfate in the water. Sparkling mineral water is made with natural spring or well water with carbon dioxide to make it extra sparkly.

Hard seltzers for healthy highs are a growing concept in house parties, music festivals, flea markets, and the like. Krishna Reddy Y, Co-founder and Chef at Autumn Leaf Bistro in Goa, says that the burgeoning trend can be attributed to the clean, guilt-free experience that the beverage offers. “More than half of our consumers who identify as beer drinkers are learning about seltzers and actively prefer it to their typical drink of choice, with 22 percent choosing hard seltzer over beer. Cocktails have an advantage over seltzers since the latter has a lower alcohol level,” he explains.

India’s hard seltzer market is set to capture at least five percent of the beer market by 2027. It’s got to do with the growing awareness around wellness and convenience. “Youngsters are now growing more and more conscious of the health implications of everything they consume, with seltzers being one of the healthiest beverages—low carbs, calories, sugar and all-natural flavours,” says Vimal Chand, CEO and Co-founder, Spyk Hard Seltzer, a Goa-based manufacturer of seltzers.

Chandni Stephen, a Hyderabad-based nutritionist, says that seltzer is considered to be healthier than other carbonated beverages that are more acidic and higher in sugar content. Whether it be to avoid a messy hangover or an aversion towards a sugar/calorie spike, the reasons to choose your drink well and wisely are plenty. “Hard seltzers are made with very little sugar, hence, for example, drinking it compared to beer (both at 5 percent abv alcohol by volume) will save your calorific intake by almost 50 percent. Plus it leaves you with no smell or no bloat,” says Anish Reddy, CEO and Founder of PURSUE Seltzers.

The sparkly drink is available in flavours such as lime, mixed berry, mango chili etc. Ditching a beer owing to its portly consequences the infamous beer belly for that matter in lieu of the seltzer seems apt. “Being about just 99 calories, gluten-free and low in carbohydrates and sugar and with no garnishing required, seltzers offer a happy buzz,” say Krupa and Kunal Shah, of IST Seltzers.

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