Scent into raptures

Scent into raptures

Fragrance is the most personal form of the beauty aesthetic. A perfume list to redefine your personality

With GenZ stuck between Boomers and Millennials and with Gen A taking immanence seriously, identity is the new black. What you buy and wear, what you order and consume, and where you check in and which spa you go to is an inner quest to make your public mark.

The reasons are many, starting with non-owning financial attitude, affordable elegance in a rich getting richer world as well as the quiet is out, is loud in shtick—at last in some matters like perfume.

In Peter Suskind's dark classic 'Perfume', the true essence of perfume is unspoilt innocence. In 2024, let's leave the innocence out of it and consider what makes perfume enticing. The answer would be attitude.


The fragrance market has seen a number of innovations across the globe as a response to COVID-19 and the economic climate – both of which have been dominating consumer behaviour. These innovations included the positioning of fragrance as a tool for escapism or as an extension of self –expression. In five years and beyond, the fragrance industry will need to adapt to challenges created by global warming and the increasing consumer demand for sustainable products.


In 2024, the fragrance industry is expected to generate £47.3 billion in revenue – a 2.75% increase from 2023.

By 2028, the global fragrance market will sit at £52.8 billion.

After cosmetics and beauty tech, fragrance is set to be the third-fastest growing beauty product in 2024, accounting for 9.3% of all sales in the beauty sector.

Though mass market currently dominates, the premium segment will be the fastest growing in the near future.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, offline channels hold the largest share of market distribution – these include speciality stores, department stores, markets and hypermarkets.

Markets across Asia Pacific are growing rapidly, demand is emerging in Africa and the Middle East is prime real estate for exclusive and niche perfumeries.

What's sought in 2024

Smelling nostalgia

Perfume that helps us be our unapologetic self, reflects on the experience of existence, or even identify with our ‘shadow selves’. This unexpected niche movement is on the rise. With consumer interest rising in perfumes that encourage self-expression, you can never go wrong with vanilla, a classic used in perfumery since the beginning. Using the fragrance is no less than the inimitable feeling of returning to your childhood home where you have experienced some of your important milestones.

Kayali Vanilla 28 Eau De Parfum Price: Rs 8,150

Genderless fragrances

In the new world, gender fluidity and role reversal are defining phrases. The perfume industry has caught on. There are no specific rules for fragrance. Any one can work for anybody is the magic formula. Traditionally, floral fragrances fall into feminine categories while woody and spicier fragrances are considered masculine. 2024 is the Age of the Great Mix, when scents combine stereotypical feminine and masculine accents to make a statement.

LoveChild Masaba - Island Suit Price: Rs 2,200

Loud budgeting

2023 had quiet luxury as a leitmotif. In 2024 it is loud budgeting: Have Money Won't Spend, and No FOMO is the Eau De Trend De Jour on social media. Creators are consistently talking about how much money they are saving when buying an affordable scent. Perfumiers are promoting scents that smell just like a luxury designer perfume but for a fraction of the price.

Ajmal Silver Shade Eau De Perfume Price: Rs 1,400

Edible perfumes

Popcorn, pistachios, pastries—the new guard of food-inspired scents is a savoury one. The menu of gourmand fragrances is expanding and turning deliciously complex. Brands are offering unique blends of ‘edible’ notes, as the trend wafts through bakeries, patisseries and sweet shops, picking up delectable accords and balancing them with woods, musks and elements of the unexpected. It reveals how foodie fragrances will evolve next.

Jo Malone’s English Pear & Sweet Pea Price: Rs 5,900

Smoky Ouds

A woodsy, and very fragrant oil extracted from tree resin—Oud is a major player picking up more scent real estate. The strong impact of Middle Eastern fragrances and their social media popularity makes Oud the main character energy ingredient which brands are reinterpreting. Its less animalic and the smoky, leathery and woody character is designed to evoke the exotic and mysterious atmosphere of the Arabian Nights.

Smoky Oud & Balsam Amber Parfum Price: Rs 4,325

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