How handwriting reveals your health

Graphology helps us know the nature, character, strengths, weaknesses and illnesses of a person
Image used for representational purposes only
Image used for representational purposes only

We all write, but have you ever noticed that our handwriting changes according to our mood and, most importantly, our handwriting can predict our health also? Graphology, which helps understand that, is not simply handwriting analysis. In fact, it is the study of graphic movements. Graphologists analyse doodles, sculptures, paintings and drawings.

Moreover, it is a science by which a graphologist reveals the nature, character, strengths and weaknesses of a person. Even our body knows about the illness long before we have any conscious awareness of the problem. Our brain prints are like an X-ray of our mind, which reveal who we are and how we think, feel and behave. Graphology reveals many physical and mental illnesses.

A person with leftward-slant writing is more pessimistic and of defensive attitude. They are mostly introverts who like to spend their time with themselves or in their room. Because of this, many times they have to face depression. So, it is always advised to write with either a rightward slant or straight up and down, also known as vertical writing.

Those who write with light pressure are likely to suffer low blood pressure (BP). They mostly like to forgive and forget because they are peace lovers. And, if a person writes with heavy pressure, they will be facing high BP and be angry. They are likely to forgive, but they can’t forget. So it is advised to write with normal pressure.

One who writes with a descending baseline will be facing stress, depression and low self-confidence. Being negative thinkers, they have a higher chance of ending their lives. Those who write with a wavy baseline are unstable, often facing mood swings and multiple personality disorders. So, it is strongly advised not to write with a descending or wavy baseline, but with either ascending or straight baseline, which will make one more optimistic, energetic and focused on a goal with strong determination.

If a person writes with jumbled line spacing in which the upper line or sentence overlaps with the line written below it, they tend to be quite confused. Their ideas, thoughts and actions are jumbled together, which also invites chaotic situations into their life. So, one should write with clear and proper line spacing.

If someone writes with compact letters or word spacing, they are more likely to be dependent on others. They always seek advice and support from others. Also, writing with this compact spacing makes the person narrow-minded who would have a doubting nature. They may spy on their relatives or partners, which makes them mentally weak. So, it is advised to write with normal word spacing, which brings maturity and helps the person change according to the situation and the demand of time.

The person who writes slowly shows less energy, disease and a distracted mind. So it is advised to write faster, so that one becomes more energetic and active. If the pen moves down near your palm while writing any letter, the stroke is known as Flexor stroke; if the pen is moving away from your palm, it is known as Extensor stroke. Generally, it is considered to be healthy when the pressure of the Flexor stroke is more than the Extensor one. But if it is the opposite, it is not a healthy sign; the person suffers from muscle contraction and relaxation problems, and may also suffer from mental illnesses. It makes the person behave awkwardly and obsessively.

If a person is addicted to something like alcohol or smoking, or he/she is not able to forget about his/her ex or past, it is advised to leave a wider left margin which will help them forget or control their inner crave towards that person, smoking or alcohol. One who is suffering from extreme aggression, he/she is advised to draw infinite (horizontal 8) consecutively without lifting the tip of the pen.

As the dose of the medicine depends on the patient’s strength and immune system, the days a person should write to refrain from the disease is dependent on the circumstances or environment in which he/she is living and the intensity of the problem or disease which he/she is going through.

The writer is the founder of the All India Institute of Occult Science

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