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God loves kind hearts

What we have taken and experienced will be lost in a moment, but what we have given and shared will remain with us forever

Children, the biggest obstacles standing in the way of our enjoying bliss in life are the sense of ‘I’ and our selfish thoughts. We are unable to forget ourselves and love others. Our attitude at present can be expressed thus: “I want everything. I want to make everything my own.”

Without changing this attitude, we cannot experience joy in life. Therefore, instead of thinking about what we can get from others, let us foster the desire to give. The one who loves to give is like a king whereas the one who wishes only to take is like a beggar.

Amma remembers a story. Once, a man went to visit his friend, whom he had not seen in years. While standing on the lawn and taking in the beauty of the mansion his friend was staying in, the friend came out. After exchanging pleasantries, the visitor asked, “Your house is beautiful! Who else lives here apart from you?”

“I’m staying here alone.”

“All alone? Is this your house?”


“How did you make enough money to buy such a big house at this young age?”

“My older brother is a millionaire. He built this house for me.”

Observing his friend’s silence, the host said, “I can guess what you’re thinking. You were wishing that you, too, had a millionaire brother, weren’t you?”

The man replied, “No, I was thinking that if I were a millionaire, like your brother, I would also have built such a mansion for my younger brother.”

Children, such is the attitude we should have. Learn to give. Only one who gives has the right to take. One who is generous will be welcome everywhere. What we have taken and experienced will be lost in a moment, but what we have given and shared will remain with us forever—as contentment, peace and prosperity.

When we lose the impulse to give, we pave the way for the downfall of society. Even if we cannot nurture children who long only to give, we should at least try to inculcate in them the desire to give as well as to take. Only then can harmony prevail in the country and the world.

Children, we may lack the wherewithal to help others financially, but we can at least smile at them sincerely or speak pleasantly to them, can’t we? What does it cost us? One who does not feel compassion for others cannot be considered a devotee. We must become grateful. We are indebted to this world and all its creatures for raising and nurturing us. This Earth, this nature is our mother. We must never forget our debt to our mother.

We must not turn a deaf ear to our ailing brothers and sisters calling out for help. We must do whatever we can to help and console them. What determines the value of our life is not what we have gained but what we have given. If we have given even one person a moment of consolation, our life would be so much more blessed for it.

Compassion is the first step of spirituality. Compassionate people need not go anywhere in search of God. He will rush to where the compassionate are, for the kind heart is his favorite abode.

The writer is a world-renowned spiritual leader and humanitarian.

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