Excellence through commitment

The greatest strength comes from the energy of commitment and brings in excellence in all walks of life.
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Commitment is the language of the wise; complaint is the language of the fools. Commitment is a responsibility and also includes accountability. In life, one should be responsible as well as accountable. Generally, one takes responsibility without accountability; this weakens one’s being. Our weaknesses result in disappointment. Disappointment should be cremated and not garlanded. People derive sadistic pleasure from disappointment. This is a primitive pleasure, like a grown-up boy sucking his thumb.

The greatest strength comes from the energy of commitment and brings in excellence in all walks of life. Few people traverse the road of success without a puncture or two, but it is a commitment to excellence that takes them through.

Commitment is not being ‘stuck’, but it is an integration of one’s being. For example, if you are committed to honouring your word, then the ‘lower self’ in you will discourage you not to justify the failure in not keeping up your promise. If your energies are low, you will be sucked into its logic and reasoning. But if you follow the ‘higher self’, the ‘lower self’ will be like a servant serving the master. Slowly the ‘lower self’ will be integrated with the higher. In such a state, there will be integrity. Without integrity, life is shallow.

We have in us both a thinker and an actor. Every time we lie, the thinker warns us that we are lying and the actor asks us to shut up and continue. In such a state, there is a split in our being—between the actor and the thinker. It is like riding a chariot with two horses, with the two going in different directions. Commitment creates integrity. In this state, it is easier to bring forth excellence in our lives. Excellence happens when there is love to grow and contribute. The heart is like a musical instrument. Use it wisely.

Creativity occurs primarily through the power of intention. The intention is like sowing a seed in existence. Allow it to germinate. Allow the forces of nature to nurture your life.

Observe nature and see how other beings are committed. For example, look at an eagle. From a range of five km, it focuses on its prey. Can we focus on our goals similarly? An eagle does not eat a dead prey. Can we learn not to live on dead information? If there is a storm, the eagle tests its wings. It enjoys the storm and the challenges associated with it. Can we enjoy difficulties and convert them into opportunities? An eagle does not mix with other birds. It soars high on its own. Can we be part of an average crowd and still soar high on our strengths?

Commitment also involves the dropping of illusions. We do not see the world as it is. We see the world projected through our verbose minds. Minds are filled with thoughts, which are nothing but mere words. Words represent experiences. Words are also influenced by memory. Memory is of the past. From the past, we see the present. Hence, we create illusions created by words, but we must filter them wisely.

The mind creates dreams. The self-awareness in you sees reality. Awareness without the arrogant ‘I’ is the ‘higher self’. The mind with its illusions is the ‘loser self’. Commit to operating from the ‘higher self’ to proceed on the path of excellence. The intensity of your commitment will guide your intelligence to accomplish your goals.

Swami Sukhabodhananda is an international management, spiritual & corporate guru

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