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Learning from climbers

Corporate employees must learn from climbers the art of focus and goal setting.

What does a corporate man have to learn from climbers? Should one be either focused like a climber or just be a climber? Climbers are the finest examples of goal orientation. People in the corporate world should emulate climbers by learning from them the art of being focused.

Climbers are weak plants. They cannot grow straight. They need another strong plant as support to grow. This is known to man. They may be weak, but they know what they want and how to achieve it. They are smart in growing upwards.

Climbers need sunlight. They are willing to bend, lean and coil for that. The survival of the climbers is purely due to the absence of ego. They admit their weakness and have learnt the art of overcoming it. Thus they become successful.

Admitting, understanding and recognising one’s own weakness is the best strength one can have and that is what climbers are proving to the corporate man. No one can grow by being arrogant and only with humility one can reach the top. Climbers even outgrow the host tree on most occasions. The host tree seldom resists climbers, considering the weak plant’s inability to harm it.

Climbers never harm the host trees intentionally. They are interested only in moving around the host tree nicely to reach the sunlight. The survival goal of climbers is exceptionally strong, instinctive and ‘SMART’ (Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound). They have different plans to overcome adversities, obstacles and impediments.

In the forest ecosystem, the climbers are also giving protection and strength to the branches of the host tree. When a climber coils around the branches, it prevents them from breaking during heavy wind.

Corporate employees must learn from climbers the art of focus and goal setting. Success should be seen the most. Thinking about limitations or limiting performance will never help employees to progress. They need to develop smartness to overcome the impediments. When the target/goal/focus is understood and commitment is developed to achieve the above, automatically, the path and support will blossom. When one starts thinking more about achieving the goal, the weakness becomes a strength and in the limited scope, limitless options will arise or bloom. Success lies not in measuring the distance between the person and the success, but one has to make the success a part of oneself or one must be part of success itself. Corporate employees must learn from nature which has created everyone with full strength and capabilities. None has been created by nature with prejudice or jealousy. This is the strong message the climbers have for the corporate man.

As a thinking human being, one has to plan purposefully, prepare prayerfully, proceed positively and pursue persistently. Do what you can do and allow God or nature to do the rest and thus be a complete being. Come from the strength of “I can make it happen” and do not be lost in your weakness. Never get discouraged by the smallness of your weakness. As a Sanskrit poem goes, “What a little lamp can do, the great Sun cannot do, it can shine in the night.”

If your mind does not penetrate beyond its own barrier, achieving success would be difficult. Some overestimate their strengths and some underestimate their weaknesses. Hence, sometimes we have to set unreasonable limits to ourselves to gain better insights about our true strengths and weaknesses.

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