World’s first travel social network TravelUR makes waves

As you pack your bags to take a break from your everyday routine before you realize you’re already evolving. It’s the way we see the world and learn about different places you’ve never been before.
Representational Image. (File | AP)
Representational Image. (File | AP)

NEW DELHI: Travelling is one of the life’s greatest joys. As you pack your bags to take a break from your everyday routine before you realize you’re already evolving. It’s the way we see the world and learn about different places you’ve never been before. And in all this, travelling is no more between two destinations. 

With technology and social media that has taken over the world, travelling and connecting can’t get easier. Planning a trip, booking tickets, booking comfortable stays, customizing itineraries and every part of your journey to make a memorable trip like a whole lot of planning. But, what if these are all under one roof.

Yes! TravelUR is the only platform that promises your planning to be smooth, easy and time-saving.

TravelUR is the world's unique social travel platform - your true companion in every step of your journey. As you explore TravelUR, you will come across its prominent features where you can book vacation packages, flights, hotels and buses. It doesn’t end here. It gives you the privilege to connect with people and other fellow travellers, share experiences, create travel profile and keep a record of photos, videos and reviews.

TravelUR is a planner in hand, what else one could ask for! But, what’s more!

The benefits of TravelUR:

-Best deals and packages offered with minimal booking fees and no cancellation charges.

-A platform to share your experiences and memories in the form of a Social Travel Connect

-It also gives you first- hand experience, detailed and an unfiltered information from actual users/Travellers with amazing itineraries mapping all the destinations around the world making travel planning hassle free.

-TravelUR with its strong brand and outbound concept of amalgamating travel and social media is likely to redefine e-commerce for travel portals. Plan, execute and share the wonderful memories of the effortlessly planned trips without troubling your budget and create a lifetime digital memory

It aims to become an end-to-end Global travel platform for enabling travel related knowledge, engaging awesome social network features like connect with other family, friends and other like-minded travelers and be informed of choices to 50 million Users and Service providers in next 4 years.

Why should you choose TravelUR? Here’s a list that would make you consider over any other travel platforms at a glance:

-Booking tickets with low transaction fees and Zero cancellation charges.

-Instant access to true inspiration to travel with awesome Giveaways.

-Information on Destinations, Holiday options and open/reliable reviews from known people.

-Choosing itineraries, shortlisting activities and services based on popularity.

-Delighting deals based on individual Profile choices and Interests
Creating unlimited Digital memories for the future generations.

-Connect with the fellow travelers, make new friends who share the same interest and interact with them.

Share your stories, reviews and hear new ones from like-minded fellow travelers.

Plan future travels together (with the people you believe share the same interest) and makes UR travel an experience like never before!

Win Awesome giveaways!

TravelUR will officially be launched in June of 2017, in India. According to Sunil Konduru, President of TravelUR, “Operations have already started with support team interacting with core customer base while technology team remains focused on increasing user’s experiences and fine tuning.”

Started by a team of world travel enthusiasts, business leaders and architects in technology and supported by a strong Advisory board, TravelUR is aiming to become a global platform thereby allowing Users to create lifetime digital memories of their travel.

So, if you are on a lookout for best deals and discounts that fit your travel needs and to make your travel dream come true, then look no further; say Hello to TravelUR, and book to explore & discover experiences like never.

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