The real Arabian getaway: Oman

Tucked away in the southern coast of the Persian Gulf, Oman has many hidden gems such as Jebel Sifah to offer
Dolphin watching in the Arabian Sea
Dolphin watching in the Arabian Sea

Forty-eight hours or less and you will be in love with Oman. The reasons are manifold, not in the least the fact that the e-visa is a breeze. Though the Sultanate of Oman may have been on the bucket list of many a traveller, Jebel Sifah—located about 30 km from downtown Muscat—is a relatively new destination and the Jebel Sifawy Boutique Hotel within the Jebel Sifah Resort is a must-stay option. It’s a contemporary blend of European design with a strong essence of traditional Omani influence.

The breathtaking views of the Hajar Mountains and the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea are a treat. But if you are in Oman, and at Jebel Sifah, you have to indulge in the beautiful sunsets. As the sun slides slowly behind the hills, the last golden rays fill the orange and purple sky, and the dream-like setting reflects in the shimmering waters. The date palms add to the romantic ambience.

Infinity pool, A view from the balcony of the resort
Infinity pool, A view from the balcony of the resort

The waters off Oman’s coast are home to over 100 dolphins of several types. The boat driver knows exactly where the dolphins are found and needless to say, squeals of excitement follow each sighting. The dolphins are pretty camera shy. They keep bobbing up regularly, but point a camera at them and they are gone. Perhaps, it’s nature’s way of saying to simply indulge the mind and lose oneself in the serene surroundings.

And when you are spending time near the sea, can seafood be far away? Calamari, scallops, shrimps and an abundance of fish wow your senses. Oman’s maritime relations with India go back to several centuries when the spice trade connected both the nations. And it is still the closest Arab country from India. Post such an exciting time, as the trip nears an end, one can’t help but wonder that friendships don’t really need sea routes to flourish now. The warmth in the smiles of each face in Oman is proof of that.

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