Lake placid: A hidden gem in Rajasthan

Guests can take part in ecotourism activities like farming with the locals and indulge in the beauty of a hilltop sunset.
​  Private pool with the room (left); the bedroom  ​
​ Private pool with the room (left); the bedroom ​

The silvery moon leaves a quiet trail on the waters of Lakshman Sagar as the sound of sarangi travels through the night. Hoots of an owl from the 150-year-old ficus tree adds symphony to the frantic crickets playing in the dark. 

A walk down stony paths lit by oil lamps leads to the dining area where a hearty slow-cooked Rajasthani meal of dal, baati and churma awaits at the Brij Lakshman Sagar in Pali district, located 150 km from Jodhpur.

Surrounded by the Aravalli hills, with the Lakshman Sagar serving as an oasis in the arid landscape, Brij Lakshman Sagar—built in the 19th century by the then Thakurs of Raipur village—has been a hunting lodge since generations.

Retaining the rustic beauty of the place, it was renovated in 2021 to include 12 secluded cottages overlooking different sides of the water body. Simplistic yet thoughtful use of local slate and granite, lacquer and vintage furniture adds to the charm of the luxurious 900 sqft cottages. The rooms have mud floors, which seamlessly merge into a stone-carved pool with panoramic views.

Guests can take part in ecotourism activities like farming with the locals and indulge in the beauty of a hilltop sunset. One could also trek to Fatehgarh fort, and go for nature walks or a wildlife safari. 
A watch tower well hidden among acacia bushes within the hotel allows for quiet birding treats. 

Being in proximity to the Todgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, the boutique hotel is reminiscent of opulent lifestyles in its rustic décor of old times, use of brass metalware and rich fabrics and vintage furniture of the ancient rich in the region. Its two distinguished open mahals—Mardana Mahal and Zanana Mahal—designated for men and women in the old days, serve as dining and recreation spaces. A sunrise tea experience is beautified with a swarm of peacocks near the stunning rock-cut swimming pool at the base of the Zanana Mahal.

A jeep safari is unmissable in Todgarh with its spread of tropical grasslands. On an early morning drive in the forest with in-house naturalists, one could expect to see a variety of animals and birds, including leopards, nilgais, wolves and the long-billed vulture. Named after James Tod, an officer of the East India Company and author of Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan, the 463-sqkm sanctuary is spread across Ajmer, Pali and Rajsamand districts, and acts as a natural barrier against the desert to spread further in. A chance encounter with a jungle cat prowling for prey in the bushes surrounding the hotel premises is a prime possibility as well. 

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