UK puts heatwave alert at 26 degrees, Indians react humourously

Users took over X with their witty replies comparing UK's heatwave temperature to the soaring high Indian temperatures.
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Amidst the prolonged heatwave situation across the country, the temperatures in Northern India have surpassed even the 50 degrees Celsius mark with the weather being anything but pleasant. Rajasthan, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh were among the few places that recorded all-time high temperatures.

In stark contrast, UK-based outlet, The Mirror posted on X, “UK to be blasted by 48-hour 26°C heatwave with five cities in England the hottest” along with the link to their report.

The post quickly went viral as users, especially Indians, reacted humorously to the comparatively mild temperature against the heat and humidity they are accustomed to.

“My AC is currently set at UK heatwave level,” one user posted.

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Another user questioned how the British managed to rule India in the country’s weather.

IFS officer Parveen Kaswan wrote, "That is just two degrees above the default air conditioning setting in India. A pleasant weather it seems." 

Another user added, "Mumbaikars call it winter."

With most users humourously replying to the report, few people took to X to inform the difference between 26 degrees in the UK and India.

One user wrote, “26 degrees in the UK feels more like 40-42 degrees. It is not comparable to Mumbai’s weather.”

As per the report by The Mirror, the mercury that is currently laying low, is expected to climb towards the 30°C mark by the end of June. London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and Newcastle will be the hottest cities as the heatwaves sweep across Britain from June 26 to 28.

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