‘Crappiest Team’ Vs China

It may sound anti-national, but it needs to be said: India is no match to China.

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An Indian Army truck crosses Chang la pass near Pangong Lake in Ladakh region.

An Indian Army truck crosses Chang la pass near Pangong Lake in Ladakh region. (Photo | AP)

It may sound anti-national, but it needs to be said: India is no match to China. They have a quality of Chineseness that holds them together and propels them to significant heights. They have a consistent national view while ours is a Congress view or a Modi view, depending on the season. Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping and Xi Jinping are very different personalities with very different ambitions. But the Chineseness of China reigned supreme, irrespective of who was in power at a given period. The Indianness of India was never in evidence. The Nehruness, the Indiraness, the Vajpayeness superseded all else. Currently, Modiness devours all of past history and hopes to devour all of the future as well.

Modiness contains a good deal of confusion. On June 17, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said the Chinese side sought to erect a structure in the Galwan Valley on our side of the Line of Actual Control. On June 19, the Prime Minister said no one had entered our territory. Jaishankar may be part of the problem. Throwing diplomatic delicacies to the winds, he praised the American-sponsored “coalition of the willing” against China. This is an alliance of Australia, South Korea, Israel and Brazil under American leadership. How on earth can India fit into this? Jaishankar might have been a good civil servant. But as a minister appointed to promote a narrow philosophy, he seems to be struggling to find his feet.

India-China relations have always been lopsided at India’s cost. Jawaharlal Nehru went out of his way to promote China’s case at the Bandung Conference of non-aligned nations in 1955. But Zhou Enlai thought Nehru was being patronising to China. Things have not improved despite many moves made by the Modi Government to please China. In 2018, India decided to avoid events attended by Dalai Lama, a bete noire of China. Air India dropped the word Taiwan and accepted the term that China preferred: Chinese Taipei. When popular protests erupted in Hong Kong against China, India said not a word. On Tibet, always a sensitive topic for Beijing, Delhi has never said an inconvenient word.

But China seemed unimpressed by these gestures. It continued to oppose India’s membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group. It has consistently backed Pakistan against India on all issues, promoting the China Pakistan Economic Corridor through Kashmir. No country has taken India’s side on any of these issues despite Jaishankar’s recent praise of the American-sponsored “coalition of the willing” against China.

It would be dumb for India to consider joining such a group. India’s issues with China have no resemblance to the relations these “coalition” countries have with China. No one understands this more keenly than China itself. The powerful motivation that drives China is the desire to prove that it is not one of “the two Asian giants” but the only Asian giant. Keeping the border tense is one way of achieving this end. For the purpose, it employs a military budget of US$178 billion as against India’s $74 billion.

India’s personality-based approach to foreign relations also helps China. In recent months, the Modi approach has seen Nepal taking unfriendly action against India. It even approved a new map attaching to Nepal bits and pieces of territory that are, to put it mildly, disputed. The Modi Government has uneasy relations with Afghanistan and Bangladesh as well as with Pakistan. The borders are alive with the sound of friction.

In the midst of it all “China is quietly winning the battle that really matters, the battle for prosperity and power,” as a professor at the Free University of Brussels put it. “In recent years, China has built at lightning speed modern infrastructure in Tibet. Last year alone, 2.000 km of road, 150 km of railway, more than 100 bridges and tunnels were completed.” On the India side, 73 new roads planned for the border have been delayed for 10 years.

I do not have the courage of my esteemed friend Aakar Patel. So I cannot express bold views boldly as he does. I, therefore, borrow his words to say what I wish to say. And his words are: “Goyal is glorified shopkeeper. Jaishankar has scholar brother and pop was strategist but himself neither. Have met Sitharaman. She dumb as a rock. Doval only partially sane. Modi A Team is reflection of him and Amit. This is without doubt the crappiest leadership in our history.”  


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  • Rishabh

    You are comparing today's leader with the past. Thrn you should read history throughly then I would accept you not to write such horrible articles
    2 years ago reply
  • Shailendra

    TJS George might not be an anti-national
    2 years ago reply
  • Pradip

    At least TJS has the guts to call a spade by no other name. Good sense seems to have deserted most Indian journalists.
    2 years ago reply
  • Ma

    May be Chinese Head long back saw that Mr. Modi is a fool
    2 years ago reply

    In this article he seems to be Left oriented than his Patriotism. Criticising the policies may be of one way to remain in limelight than motivating people at this hour of need.
    2 years ago reply
  • Sowmith

    You don't sound anti-national.. you just sound myopic
    2 years ago reply
  • Mattur Sameer

    But it is this team that has grown pairs to put an end to article 370
    2 years ago reply

    Why blame this team? Indian voter things they are toppers. In 2019
    2 years ago reply
  • KGS

    Well said TJS.
    2 years ago reply
  • A k Sehanobis

    I will write tomorrow re: Nehru's freedom of speech and Press.
    2 years ago reply
  • Indian

    The air that you breathed on this indian soil while writing this article is because of the brave soldiers of our country. You don't know what is India. Its not just these political parties and discussions its much much more. First travel India and learn what is India before writing such filth. I am sure your are not an Indian at heart. Be privileged to have taken birth in this great country called INDIA. JAIHIND
    2 years ago reply
  • Badri narayanan poondi

    Corona may cease to be a problem some day
    2 years ago reply
  • Amar

    His last paragraph referring to akar patel
    2 years ago reply
  • Sunil

    And then we have Mr. TJS George's view which is primitive at best......;) Don't underestimate any country....Vietnam has shown that to the world already.
    2 years ago reply
  • skg

    aware of all traitors inside the country
    2 years ago reply
  • Lakshay

    2 years ago reply
  • Santosh Kumar

    Let's pray (not HOPE) the situation does not worsen . China hasn't the guts the give an honorable burial of it's fallen (even if only it is "one"). We should realize that Indian troops bludgeoned the "china soldier or soldiers " to their death
    2 years ago reply
  • Sohan

    OMG. What kind of journalism is this?
    2 years ago reply
  • Raj Kumar

    What are you trying to say? this is probably the crapiest article i have read
    2 years ago reply
  • Hitesh Kothari

    TJS George is looking at this situation with an amazing amount of prejudice. He is lucky that he is in India. Had he made such statements in China
    2 years ago reply
  • Ambarish Modak

    Dear Sir
    2 years ago reply
  • Murthy

    Intelligentia is crappy... You are also part of the Problem
    2 years ago reply
  • Virendra Patil

    The article makes sense till the last para.. there it just lays the authors confused brain bare..
    2 years ago reply
  • Ranjeeth

    This is the crappiest article in my history. It advocates India shouldn't join American-sponsored “coalition of the willing” but points no argument towards what harm can it do. It's just a bunch of personal attack with loose joints.
    2 years ago reply
  • H.Balakrishnan

    If TJSG depends on Aakar Patel for quotation
    2 years ago reply
  • Ratna

    who is this?
    2 years ago reply
  • Vidyaranya

    He may have a different view but the writer should be careful with the choice of words. No government in the past has shown the commitment to thwart aggression from the neighbouring countries
    2 years ago reply
  • Sam the Ram

    There are times when well-reputed and experienced journalists glibly pass judgement with a finality
    2 years ago reply
  • Siddhartha

    Great read as usual.
    2 years ago reply
  • Bharati

    2 years ago reply
  • Vivek Pant

    The author starts by blaming Nehru
    2 years ago reply
  • PaulRanjit

    2 years ago reply
  • Accel

    Indian officials are the best for collecting bribes. We will defeat China hands down in that.
    2 years ago reply
  • Karanth

    Both are not comparable India is democratic country where we are answerable to people unlike China which is dictatorship country Your logic applies to china not to India But fortunately our defence is quite strong matachable to China Can you suggest from your logic how India can bring out change to match China with its pluralistic and democratic society Bottomline is anything you do in India there is criticism negetively Who is in your opinion best person to lead India
    2 years ago reply
  • BR

    A team of our armed forces pounded on Chinese rogues and allegedly killed more people than what we lost in the skirmish. But some questions still remains to be answered such as
    2 years ago reply
  • India

    Can you suggest your dream team ? George.
    2 years ago reply
    • sunil

      congrats TJS. excellent piece. you have the spine when most journalists are crawling
      2 years ago reply
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