Andhra Pradesh Vastu expert’s hidden hand in Nalanda’s revival

Nalanda University, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated on Wednesday in Rajgir of Nalanda district in Bihar, has a connection with Andhra Pradesh.
Vastu Pandit Venkata Ramakrishna Raju at Nalanda University
Vastu Pandit Venkata Ramakrishna Raju at Nalanda UniversityPhoto | Express

VIJAYAWADA : Very few know that the Vastu plans for the renovation of the ancient Nalanda University were set by Pandit Mudunuri Venkata Ramakrishna Raju, who hails from Manthenavari Palem village in Bapatla district.

Nalanda University, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated on Wednesday in Rajgir of Nalanda district near Patna in Bihar, has a connection with Andhra Pradesh. Originally built 1600 years ago as the first residential university in the world with 108 subjects, Bakhtiyar Khilji demolished it and has been renovated after hundreds of years, making it accessible to international students once again. The northern states have been seeking support from the south, mainly Andhra Pradesh, for expertise in various Sanatana Dharmas. In recent times, the Mula Mantra of Ayodhya Ram Mandir was provided by Annadanam Chidambara Sastry from Chirala. Now, Ramakrishna Raju’s name has come to light with his contributions to Nalanda University in Vastu.

Ramakrishna Raju, who lives in Pragathi Nagar in Hyderabad, was officially appointed by the university authorities on September 13, 2019, for an initial period of one year to study and identify the Geopathic Stress Zones in the new campus land and provide remedial measures if required. He also guided building space management and other relevant support to the university on a day-to-day basis, based on the recommendations of the Project Monitoring Committee. His role was classified under Expert-Advanced Vastu Services for the construction of five priority buildings at the university’s net zero carbon emission Campus. The appointment orders were issued by the then registrar Sanjay Bhatnagar.

The former Vice-Chancellor of Nalanda University, Prof Sunaina Singh, who hails from Hyderabad, Telangana, said, “On 450 acres of land allocated by the Bihar government, with 13 water lakes, greenery, and a zero carbon emission campus, the university has been constructed following the ancient model. Nalanda historically included knowledge systems such as Vastu Shastra. Hence, we approached Ramakrishna Raju, and his support is reflected in the Vastu principles incorporated in every corner of the university.”

“While rebuilding Nalanda International University in Rajgir Bihar as its Vice-Chancellor, I took the help of Ramakrishna in Vastu corrections. He ably identified the Geopathic stress zones and he effectively neutralised them through his Vastu Shastra knowledge,” she added.

At a young age, Raju learned the fundamentals of Vastu from an expert named Avaru Subrahmanyam in Chirala, Prakasam district. Later, he studied updated Vastu techniques in places like Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Hyderabad. Raju has made many scientifically oriented corrections to the architecture of various government offices, private structures, places, and farms, earning accolades from numerous intellectuals.

Speaking to TNIE, he said, “It is enjoyable to have my role in such a great global project. The university campus architecture was approved in 2014, so I did not interfere with the architectural design, especially that was used in office rooms, classrooms, and hostel rooms. However, the staff quarters, dean’s quarters, V-C’s bungalow, library, yoga centre, and other structures were constructed based on my suggestions.”

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