Prime Minister Narendra Modi waving at party workers during the Vijay Sankalp rally on Kozhikode beach on Friday | TP Sooraj
Prime Minister Narendra Modi waving at party workers during the Vijay Sankalp rally on Kozhikode beach on Friday | TP Sooraj

PM Modi safely plays Sabarimala card in Kerala

The Prime Minister was addressing a 'Vijay Sankalp' rally in Kozhikode which was attended by many in the Malabar region.

KOZHIKODE: Indirectly raising the Sabarimala issue which is a major poll plank in the state, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the BJP will explain the centuries-old beliefs and tradition of Kerala to the Supreme Court and ensure matters of faith get Constitutional protection.

Modi was addressing the ‘Vijay Sankalp’ rally in Kozhikode attended by thousands of workers and supporters from the Malabar region. The Prime Minister’s reference to the hill shrine was indirect and carefully worded as the matter was sub judice and also because of the Election Commission’s fiat not to use the issue to garner votes.  The BJP hopes to use the Sabarimala episode for electoral gains and believes it will be a game changer for the party at least in a few constituencies.

Stating that the BJP stands firmly with Kerala and its beliefs, Modi decried the situation, in which devotees have to bear lathi blows to protect their faith. “Armed with a Supreme Court verdict, some forces have tried to wreck traditions. If the UDF and LDF think they can destroy our faith and tradition, they’re mistaken. As long as BJP is around, these forces can’t destroy the culture and tradition of Kerala,” Modi said.

Modi also made a veiled attack on Congress president Rahul Gandhi, who has chosen to contest the Lok Sabha polls from Wayanad, in addition to Amethi, UP. “The people of Kerala have a big heart and your doors are open for everyone. But some people have come to take advantage of your goodness,” Modi said. “Beware of the people who come to Kerala not to serve you but to save themselves. Those on bail for tax fraud are coming to Kerala for their own political bail-out,” Modi added.

Hitting out at the ruling LDF and Opposition UDF in equal vein, Modi said Communists and Congress only serve their vote bank. The NDA, on the other hand, stands with all and works for the development of all, he underscored.

“The UDF and LDF have failed the people of Kerala. They are different only in name, but in deed, they are the same. BJP presents an alternative that is democratic, compassionate and inclusive. We will serve each and every citizen,” he said. He also questioned the ‘blatant double standards’ of the Communists and Congress on women empowerment and triple talaq.

The PM pointed out the political violence in the state and took to task ‘fake liberals’ who remained silent on the issue. “Fake NGOs, urban naxals and tukde-tukde gang are trying to interfere in the faith and tradition of our land,” he warned. Modi also referred to the infamous ice-cream parlour sex scandal of the 1990s and the solar scam during the previous UDF rule. “Such people don’t have any right to speak of women empowerment,” said Modi. He  also predicted a repeat of Tripura in Kerala. 

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