CPM to finalise course correction measures

Many felt that the party has been facing erosion of its support base in its strongholds like Alappuzha.
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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The CPM secretariat will take a final call on course correction for the party, based on discussions taken at the ongoing state committee meet. The committee held elaborate discussions on measures to be adopted to win back people’s trust in the backdrop of the LS poll drubbing.

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CPM to probe vote erosion in Lok Sabha elections

Leaders who spoke at the state committee meet on Wednesday pointed out the need for the party to list out its priorities. Referring to the delay in disbursement of social security pensions and shortage of essentials at supplyco outlets, some leaders also spoke about how the government could have taken measures to avoid the same. The state finance department too drew flak at the meet.

Many felt that the party has been facing erosion of its support base in its strongholds like Alappuzha. In continuation with the secretary’s report, the leaders pointed out that the BJP’s growth should be viewed seriously. The erosion in Ezhava votes too came up during the discussion.

The criticism in the state committee is in line with the opinions that came up during discussions at different district committees. The leaders had pointed out the need for urgent measures to win back the trust of the majority community voters.

Majority of leaders reiterated that the criticism that had come up at the district committee meets should be given due consideration.

Criticism against the state government continued on the second day too. Leaders unanimously urged the leadership to not ignore the burgeoning criticism against the chief minister and the government. However, no final decision was taken over the guidelines to be adopted to initiate the requisite corrective measures. CM Pinarayi Vijayan and state secretary MV Govindan are expected to respond to the discussions on Thursday.

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