BJP-AIADMK war of words reaches crescendo over denial of nod for Vinayaka idols installation

For the past few months, there have been strains in the relationship between the two parties on religious matters starting with the Karuppar Koottam issue where the Kanda Sashti Kavacham was insulted
It all started with a remark by BJP national secretary H Raja on Twitter
It all started with a remark by BJP national secretary H Raja on Twitter

CHENNAI: The war of words between the BJP and the AIADMK over the state government's denial of permission for the installation of Vinayaka idols this year has reached its crescendo on Thursday with
functionaries of both parties making sharp remarks thus leaving a question mark on the ties between the two parties.  

Fisheries Minister D Jayakumar handed out a warning to BJP national secretary H Raja saying "Don’t rub us (AIADMK) on the wrong side." The top leaders of both parties yet to react to the development.

When Express asked about his reaction to the developments and whether the ties between the two parties would suffer due to this, State BJP president L Murugan pleaded ignorance about what is going on Twitter.

Like many times in the past, H Raja is in the centre stage of this fresh bout of the row between the BJP and AIADMK since it all started with his tweet on Wednesday evening hailing the Karnataka government as an "aanmaiyulla arasu" (potent government) for allowing installation of Vinayaka idols taking a dig at the AIADMK government in Tamil Nadu. "AIADMK is a potent party and AIADMK govt is a potent govt; don't rub us on the wrong side," Jayakumar added.

He also recalled that people knew very well about the potency of Raja who posted a message in social media and retracted from it saying it was posted by his admin.  Later, he made a remark against the high
court and later apologised before the court for that remark.

Responding to another tweet by Tamil Nadu BJP's social media convenor CTR Nirmal Kumar, describing the AIADMK as a party which hid behind the saree of a woman for 30 years, Jayakumar said: "Everyone knows who were all waiting at the residence of that woman leader (J Jayalalithaa) years ago."

On Wednesday night, AIADMK spokesperson Kovai Satyan took on Raja saying: "Potency is winning the Scouts election," he said indicating the BJP leader's embarrassing defeat in the election for the post of president in Bharat Scouts and Guides in 2017 where he secured only 52 of 286 votes.

Referring to some past political events, pat came a response from Nirmal Kumar who tweeted: "The Aanmai (potency) which was protected by surrendering before Delhi out of fear for Bengaluru."

On Thursday too, the war of words continued on Twitter. AIADMK IT wing secretary Singai G Ramachandran said, "Those who have a genuine concern for the welfare of the people will not work to gather crowds at this moment when the Corona pandemic is prevailing."

He also dared H Raja to prove his 'potency' by getting votes above NOTA in the election. The AIADMK IT wing too joined the debate daring the BJP to go it solo in the elections and show their potency by ensuring at least the deposit amount.

For the past couple of months, there have been strains in the relationship between the AIADMK and BJP on religious issues starting from the Karuppar Koottam issue where Kanda Sashti Kavacham was

However, BJP State president L Murugan said that the ties between AIADMK and BJP were strong. Two days ago, Murugan called on Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami and personally requested him to allow the installation of Vinayaka idols.  However, there was no positive response from the government.

However, when asked whether the war of words would affect the ties between the BJP and AIADMK, State BJP general secretary Professor R Srinivasan told Express: "We need not blow out of proportions the emotional words of some functionaries due to Vinayak Chathurthi issue. AIADMK and BJP have different ideologies but are in an alliance. So it is quite normal to have differences on certain issues. I am optimistic about the continuance of this alliance and I wish it should continue."

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