Keep your heart in check with the right choice of oil

It is very important to use the right oil, both in quality and quantity, to keep our liver health in check. 
Multisource oils.
Multisource oils.

At times we don’t pay much attention to how the oil we use in our food will affect our health. It is very important to use the right oil, both in quality and quantity, to keep our liver health in check. Too much consumption of oil has started affecting liver health and lately, we have seen haywire liver as well as lipid profile. It is not just about the oil intake, but also about the bad lifestyles that most of us follow, which has affected overall health. 

Choose your oil

When it comes to healthy oil, we are hearing a lot about oryzanol from rice bran oil, which is claimed to keep our heart healthy. So, what exactly is oryzanol? It is a mixture of substances derived from rice bran or from bran of any other cereals. Rich in medicinal properties, it is also present in various fruits, veggies, and herbs. Oryzanol-rich oil is easily available in markets and it helps in lowering the bad cholesterol level and improving the overall lipid profile. It stops the absorption of cholesterol from food and also flushes out extra cholesterol from the body. Oryzanol-rich oil lowers the risk of heart diseases. They also contain antioxidants and enhance muscle growth. An important compound known as squalene is present in cold-pressed rice bran oil along with oryzanol. This is easily absorbed by our body and it is utilised by skin cells to keep it soft, supple, and smooth.

Age gracefully 

Recent studies have also shown that one of the notable benefits of gamma oryzanol lies in its strong antioxidant property, which helps slow down ageing. Although Vitamin E is known as an effective antioxidant, a study also found out that gamma oryzanol may also be as effective at stopping tissue oxidation as Vitamin E. Besides that, gamma oryzanol also has a protective role in UV light and hence it is used as a sunscreen agent, protecting skin from oxidative damage due to environmental influence. Apart from all the health benefits, gamma oryzanol in rice bran oil is light and delicate in salads with low flavour, which makes it excellent for frying and baking. 

It is important to choose cold pressed or unrefined oils to attain overall health benefit. Refined oils will be too bad for the body and that is why choosing the right oil will be helpful.

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