Hamid Karzai

Afghan girls 'must definitely' return to school: Former Afghan President Karzai

The former leader said that the return of girls to school and women to their workplaces is the demand of Afghanistan itself.

published on : 17th February 2022

Ex Afghanistan President Karzai slams US decision of splitting funds, says USD 7 billion assets belong to Afghan people

This comes after US President Biden on Friday signed an executive order to free 7 billion US dollars out of more than 9 billion frozen Afghan assets.

published on : 13th February 2022

Afghan girls must return to school: Former President Hamid Karzai

Karzai backed these meetings, which experts believe could play a vital role in solving the problems in the country.

published on : 25th January 2022

Ex-Afghan president says had no choice but to flee Kabul

Ghani said in a BBC interview that an adviser gave him just minutes to decide to abandon the capital, He also denied accusations that he left Afghanistan with milions in stolen money.

published on : 30th December 2021

Former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai 'invited' Taliban to stop chaos

The Taliban didn't take the Afghan capital — they were invited, says the man who issued the invitation.

published on : 15th December 2021

Special envoys of China, Russia and Pakistan hold talks with Taliban top brass, Karzai in Kabul

The three special envoys visited Kabul from September 21 to 22 and held talks with acting Prime Minister Mohammad Hasan Akhund, Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mutaqi, Finance Minister and others.

published on : 22nd September 2021

Taliban's 'spectacularly uninclusive' government unlikely to survive: Historian William Dalrymple

Surprised that the Taliban talked about inclusivity but did not even "dress it up", Dalrymple said the new government wouldn't appeal to either Western donors, a majority of Afghans including women.

published on : 12th September 2021

Taliban spokesman says China to keep embassy in Afghanistan, increase aid

"The Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister said that they would maintain their embassy in Kabul, adding our relations would beef up as compared to the past," a Taliban spokesperson said.

published on : 3rd September 2021

From insurgent group to governing power: Taliban close to forming new administration in Afghanistan

While the West has adopted a wait-and-see approach to the Taliban, there were some signs of engagement with the new leaders gathering pace.

published on : 3rd September 2021

Hope Taliban will listen to a sincere friend in forming inclusive government: Pakistan

Pakistan's ambassador to the United Nations, Munir Akram stressed that humanitarian help must be top priority and called it "very unhelpful" for Afghanistan's assets to have been frozen by the West.

published on : 3rd September 2021

US evacuates over 82,000 from Afghanistan as Taliban solidifies control around Kabul airport

The British government is warning its citizens in Afghanistan to stay away from Kabul airport, citing the 'ongoing and high threat' of a terrorist attack.

published on : 26th August 2021

Russia won't intervene in standoff with Taliban 

Moscow fought a 10-year war in Afghanistan that ended with Soviet troops’ withdrawal in 1989 and has made a diplomatic comeback as a mediator, jockeying with the U.S. for influence in the country.

published on : 23rd August 2021

Taliban warns of 'consequences' if August 31 deadline for US-led troop withdrawal is extended

On the agenda for world leaders there is expected to be a push for the US to seek an extension of the August 31 deadline, as time is running out for the evacuation of foreign nationals.

published on : 23rd August 2021

US cannot simply abandon Afghanistan: China

China has expressed readiness to work with all parties in Afghanistan, including the Taliban, to rebuild the war-torn nation.

published on : 23rd August 2021

Gunfire at Kabul airport kills 1 amid chaotic evacuations

The circumstances of the shooting, which occurred around dawn, remained unclear.

published on : 23rd August 2021
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