Helicopter Eela

When Kajol, Asha Bhosle and Madhuri Dixit came together to pose

Kajol, during the promotions of her upcoming movie ‘Helicopter Eela’, met the evergreen actor Madhuri Dixit and the veteran singer with a golden voice Asha Bhosle. 

published on : 28th August 2018

Kajol promotes ‘Helicopter Eela’ in Mumbai

Bollywood actor Kajol promoted her upcoming film, ‘Helicopter Eela’ on the show ‘India’s Best Dramebaaz’.

published on : 14th August 2018

Kajol's film 'Helicopter Eela' trailer releases on her birthday

Bollywood actor Kajol's 'Helicopter Eela' was released on her 44th birthday. The movie is a comeback for the star and focuses on a relationship between a mother and son. 

published on : 6th August 2018