Karthik Subbaraj

Karthik Subbaraj gave everything that I needed for Triples: Charukesh Sekar

Charukesh joins mentor-producer Karthik Subbaraj in a conversation about their recently-released Disney+Hotstar web series Triples.

published on : 15th December 2020

'Putham Pudhu Kaalai': Amazon Prime Video announces anthology of five Tamil short films

Amazon Prime Video on Wednesday announced its new project, 'Putham Pudhu Kaalai', an anthology of five Tamil short films.

published on : 30th September 2020

WATCH | Karthik Subbaraj releases Keerthy Suresh starrer 'Penguin- A Mother's Story' teaser

'Penguin' reportedly sheds light on crimes against women and hence goes with the tagline 'behind all your stories, there is a mother's story'.

published on : 8th June 2020

Directors scarcely provide credit to writers, says screenwriter Arun Rajagopalan

‚ÄčI don’t have directorial skills which. The conventional route is to work as an assistant to another director or take the route of doing short films says the screenwriter.

published on : 17th March 2020

'Mercury' movie review: A worthy experiment with some memorable stretches

I’ll remember Mercury quite a while — not for its wholesomeness, but for some truly delicious stretches of filmmaking. In a scene, a couple are in an ‘Ale Ale’ moment, having just expressed their feel

published on : 21st April 2018

'Mercury' movie review: An audacious experiment

To be perfectly clear, no real explanation is ever given as to why all the characters in the film are mute -- and only communicate in sign language. Something to do with mercury poisoning?

published on : 13th April 2018