SUM Hospital

World’s 1st baby with bony tail in thoracic region fine after 3 surgeries

Claimed to be the first such phenomenon to be reported in the world, the surgeons have successfully operated on the infant and removed the abnormal growth.

published on : 14th January 2022

World's first baby with bony tail in thoracic region operated upon in Odisha

Although 26 cases of bony tail have been reported in the world so far, this is the only known case of a bony human tail in thoracic region, neurosurgeon Dr Rama Chandra Deo said.

published on : 13th January 2022

Odisha's SUM Hospital doctors conduct rare brain surgery

The expensive surgery was conducted free of any cost as the patient was covered under the State government’s BSKY scheme.

published on : 11th December 2021

Bhubaneswar's SUM Hospital first in East to install CBC analyser

Associate Professor of Pathology department and in-charge of Laboratory Hematology Dr Rajesh Kumar Bhola said the analyser was the fourth such installation in the country.

published on : 13th November 2021

500gm tumour removed from baby’s chest cavity in Odisha

Thorough evaluation of the baby revealed that he had an 11 cm tumour attached to the heart and its major vessels in the chest, completely compressing his left lung.

published on : 7th October 2021

All you need to know about Bhubaneswar's SUM Hospital fire

The fire was first spotted in the dialysis ward located on the second floor of the hospital and it quickly spread to the ICU.

published on : 17th October 2016